Wednesday, December 08, 2004

"What are other people doing for Kerry?"

I am still trying to figure out how this blog can be helpful to John Kerry. How does a single political activist on a blogger account make a difference? Or can he? Well, since this blog is NOT about me, but about John Kerry, let me share with you some other sites that you might also be interested in!

Doing a "Google" on John Kerry, I came up with Petition Spot, where an online petition drive is slowly unfolding for Kerry. That might be a place you might want to visit.

On the blog, The Moderate Voice, there is a discussion of John Kerry for President in 2008. They also have other links on this subject there.

There was also an interesting article run last month in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette about Kerry's future. They believe he is already taking a different path than Al Gore.

I want this blog to be about John Kerry in 2008. No more apologies! However we can communicate, link to other sites, encourage this thought, that is the agenda for now.



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