Monday, December 06, 2004

Democrats are singing the right song!

There are articles and editorials in the papers about how "Democrats need to change tune." They bemoan the "failures" of the Democrats and deny the importance of the "evangelical Christian" voter.

As this article suggests, Dick Cheney, Halliburton and other "big corporations" are not the enemy, "Islamic extremists are the enemy." We Democrats understand this. But to take attention away from domestic issues of corruption involving questionable relationships between Halliburton and this Administration, is not the tune we plan on playing. Americans know that the Islamic terrorists who plot against America ARE the enemy. But we also know that this President diverted troops and dollars away from that fight which was being pursued in Afghanistan into an effort to dislodge Saddam Hussein from power in Iraq. The Republicans don't recall THAT part of the song they are singing.

This article goes on to suggest that "Abu Ghraib was a scandal, but it was hardly an indictment of the entire military, let alone the Bush Administration." Well, I am sorry, but just saying it is so just doesn't make it so. This Administration, with Alberto Gonzales advising the President, and Donald Rumsfeld contributing, determined that the Geneva Conventions simply "didn't apply." The Abu Ghraib episode and the abuse at Guantanamo IS unfortunately an indictment of THIS Administration. We Democrats know WHERE the buck stops. And the President must have the leadership and conviction to take responsibility for all abuses under his watch. This is more than just a few privates and other enlisted men and women who should be responsible.

Regarding "...the country's morality play", this article goes on to state that "...most Americans do not reject same-sex marriage out of bigotry but rather out of resistance to judges and mayors taking it upon themselves to define the 5,000-year-old institution of marriage." I beg your pardon, but the outrage about this issue is fundamentally about bigotry. The "Religious Right" would not be offended if judges found that George W. Bush should be President as the Supreme Court ruled in 2000. I did not hear a whisper about activist judges THEN. The underlying intolerance and bigotry is not a tune that Democrats will be playing any time soon.

Democrats are the party of the people. We are the party that gives a damn about poverty, racism, discrimination, unemployment, world peace, and the environmental conditions at home and abroad. The Republicans have an unholy alliance of big money and big religion.

We shall and must continue to play the song of hope, optimism, faith, tolerance, and understanding to the world. That song should not be put away.

John Kerry is the right person for the job in 2008. Let's not sing the same song as the Republicans. We know the music.



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