Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Why Kerry?

The last election was about being anti-Bush. America did not get a chance to know John Kerry until late in the election. Kerry is the candidate for America. He will restore our place in the world community working to build alliances instead of alienating allies. He knows the proper place for religion in regards to government. He uses religion to build his idea of a better world and not to impose it on others. He is an activist in the environmental movement and this world needs an America that respects and values the environment. He is a veteran and understands war. We need that experience as we deal with the war on terror as well as the conflict in Iraq. Kerry is intelligent and coherent. This is not the time for just another buddy as President. We need a leader with the understanding and capability to lead this nation back onto the right course. This nation cannot tolerate another four or eight more years without the leadership that Kerry can provide.

There, that's a little bit more about why I am writing. I am sure that there will be many blogs for Kerry as we go on. I hope so. Please join in and contribute here with your comments as well!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this web-site and all the other sites popping up all over the internet in continued support for John Kerry. I am a registered Republican but campaigned and voted for John Kerry in a southern town that was almost exclusively for George W. Bush. Contrary to popular belief, many of us were not just voting "anti-Bush". We started really looking at John Kerry and listening to what he was saying, and were convicted that he was the man who needed to be President of the United States. Everything he said is coming to pass (and he can see this, I am sure). We are not coming together because we are "sore losers". We know that the country elected the wrong man, and our conviction is ever stronger. It amuses me that there are still Bush supporters coming onto our websites to bash us. What are they so worried about? They won (didn't they?). Why are they not happy and satisfied with their "Victory"? I never think to go onto the Bush sites and complain or waste my time bickering, or anything at all. I could care less. I am using my time and energy to continue to rally around the leader that has my support, and that I know in my heart this country desperately needs. They got their "President", so what's the problem? Why do they not spend their time rallying around him, the great "Moral" one? He sure could use it about now.

8:31 AM  
Anonymous Andrea said...

Are you all nuts?!?! Kerry is the worst choice for a candidate. W is nothing but a trained monkey with the IQ of a shoe. Yet, Kerry could not beat him. Why couldn't Kerry beat him? Because Kerry is a windbag with no political instincts to speak of. He was so concerned with being Mr. Nice guy that he became a pandering wimp. He is the WORST choice for the Democrats in 2008 just like he was the WORST choice in 2004. The republicans win not becasue they are better but because the Dems are always so bumfuzzled. PLEASE do not support Kerry. If you do you will be handing the election to the Republicans once again.

8:21 AM  
Blogger Brandon Craker said...

I realize this comment is old, but I have to write this.

Bush won in 2004, not because the voters didn't like Kerry, he won based on false fear that he and his administration threw at the American public. Dick Cheney said, "It's very important you vote right way in November, or we'll get hit again." False fear.

Many of our voters are incompetant of making a clear desicion for themselves and they bought into all of the fake fear the Bush administration spit out. Kerry lost because of those people, not because of anything he did for his campaign.

John Kerry is a great man and a great candidate. And I feel horrible for him for the way he lost in 2004.

9:56 AM  

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