Thursday, December 02, 2004

"John Kerry: Pull Us from the Water"

This is an open letter written to John Kerry from Robin Baneth, of Raleigh, NC, published on 11/29/04 on

John Kerry:Remember reaching in the water and pulling your comrade into the swift boat? America is in the water. Reach in. Our hand is up and we are sinking. Bullets are flying, piercing the waves around us.Please ask for a recount in Ohio.

Every criticism of the Ukrainian election is valid in Ohio.1) 13 hour waits to vote in Columbus? To vote for YOU. Machine distribution needs to be fair. The facts are in.2) Media locked out of Warren County and now their vote totals are unreasonable. Many voted for YOU.3) Method of voting predicting candidate? Electronic voting methods predicted voting for your counterpart.4) Exit polling at levels more discrepant than the Ukraine.5) Polling tapes found in the trash in Volusia County, Florida?

Please support Bev Harris. She is no troublemaker as your Ohio rep told her.6) All three voting machine companies owned by Republicans?7) The CEO of Diebold stated he would do what he could to deliver Ohio's electoral votes to your competition.8) County Central Tabulators that can be hacked in less than 90 seconds. No longer need to be smart, just need tip sheet.9) Every irregularity favoring Bush.Please pull us from the water. Please encourage a Department of Justice, Voting Section investigation into Ohio. We need printers in the precincts by 2006.

I believe you cut a deal with Bush to save Roe Vs. Wade and that is why you remain quiet. Whatever the deal, please unconcede.The deficit is out of control. Kids are dying in Iraq. Minimum wage is unacceptable. Kids with no health care. Voting system in disarray. Voting system in disarray. Voting system in disarray. Voting system in disarray. Voting system in disarray. Voting system in disarray. Voting system in disarray.

Be the man you thought you could be when you beat the odds and came home from Vietnam. We believe in you. I know you want to unconcede. You are worried about the country being torn apart. We are already torn apart. Let's make history. You will sleep better. Unconceding is the right thing to do until Ohio's recount proves otherwise.

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