Monday, December 06, 2004

"Social Insecurity"

What are the Republicans in power smoking? A couple of weeks ago, Congress passed an $800 billion increase in the national debt limit. The limit was moved to $8.18 trillion. That is 8,180 BILLION dollars for those of you who don't use TRILLIONS in your daily discussion. This is $2.23 TRILLION higher than when George W. Bush came into office in 2000. Let me repeat this, the debt has gone up about 1/3 in the last four years from $6 trillion to over $8 trillion. And this is the Administration that we re-elected.

The Republicans accuse the Democrats of being "tax-and-spend". Who are they fooling? This Administration and this Congress run by the Republican Party is bankrupting America. Is that the Moral Choice for us? Is this the song we should be singing?

O.K. so what's the punch line? Well get this: the Bush Administration is discussing putting the nation into, drum roll trillion dollars of more debt at one fell swoop with so-called "Social Security Reform". Is NOTHING sacred by this bunch of irresponsible Republicans? One trillion more that will put our ENTIRE GOVERNMENT at risk for insolvency. What for? So that workers can decide whether they want to invest their Social Security accounts in "International small Cap" or maybe "growth and income"? So that they can play the market and MAYBE receive a better return.

Meanwhile the dollar is slumping. Who wants more dollars when we have a government that is printing them like they are going out of style? Who cares if the dollar doesn't buy anything....maybe it will help our balance of trade?

For the Neocons in this administration this is a win-win situation. They hate anything that is public, whether it is public school, public libraries, or public healthcare or public retirement. In fact, like Grover Norquist has pointed out, if we can ever shrink government down to the size where we can 'drown it in a bathtub', then we (the neoconservatives) will be successful!

So laying debt onto the government in the form of another TRILLION dollars of debt is good if you HATE GOVERNMENT. That way, if the "liberals" ever take control of Congress and the White House again, the government will be so broke, well heck there won't be any money in the piggy bank to do any of those "awful" programs like healthcare, or social security, or buying more private lands for parks and recreation.

Well they are trying to drown government with debt and irresponsible management. Well it is time for John Kerry to pull us out of the water! Social Security is just fine like it is. Has anyone ever heard of a defined benefit program. THAT is what Social Security represents. Nothing wrong with that.

And we as Democrats do NOT hate government. We do not want to drown it. We do not want to place the future generations under that burden of debt.

It is time for a change in leadership and we need John Kerry in 2008.



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