Thursday, December 09, 2004

Learning from Howard Dean

The Democratic Party has much to learn from Howard Dean. As reported today, Dean, addressing a crowd of supporters stated, "We cannot win by being Republican light. We’ve tried it, it does not work."

The article reports, ""Honesty is a moral value," Dean said, drawing cheers from those who still love to hear the former Vermont governor reproach the president, even indirectly.

"If this election had been decided on moral values, the Democrats would have won," Dean continued. "I think it’s time for us to start framing the debate. We have to learn to punch our ways off the ropes.

Again emphasizing the need to draw upon our basic Democrat-values, Dean continued:

"Some within the party say losses in the presidential race and Congress this year show that Democrats need to elect a centrist leader who can attract independents and moderate Republicans. That was the consensus of the nation’s Democratic governors, many who were elected in states that supported Bush.

But Dean said he rejects the philosophy that "if you don’t beat them, then join them."

"When some people say that we should change direction, in essence they are arguing that our basic or guiding principles can be altered or modified," Dean said. "They cannot. On issue after issue, we are where majority of the American people are

I respect and admire Howard Dean for his leadership. I am not ready to change this blog's name, and transform it into "Dean for President", but his wisdom cannot be lost on us. We cannot compromise our fight for the essential values that bind this party together. We cannot stop struggling for the poor, those without access to healthcare, women seeking to preserve their hard-fought reproductive rights, Americans of minority groups seeking to move ahead in our society, the basic physical environment that we live in, and those around the world who share our dreams of peace and progress.

Let us remember all of these things as we prepare ourselves for 2008.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


Thanks for posting on the DFA blog. Your enthusiasm for Dean is wonderful!

Barbara in Seattle (fm DFA)

6:17 PM  
Blogger BobsAdvice said...

Howard Dean speaks from his heart about what it means to be a Democrat. He makes a lot of people very uncomfortable by his forthright speech. I hope that we see Dean take a larger role in this party. My support for John Kerry does not in any way mean I don't admire and respect Dean.


2:55 PM  

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