Wednesday, July 05, 2006

Kerry to Support Winner of Democratic Primary in Connecticut Senate Race

As reported, Senator Joseph Lieberman, the 2000 Vice-Presidential nominee, is under pressure from Connecticut businessman Ned Lamont due to Lieberman's continued support for the Iraq War.Apparently, Senator Lieberman is laying the groundwork for an independent run for the Senate in the case that he should fail to win the Democratic Primary.

This is not helpful to Democrats and would assist the Republicans in taking the Senate seat in Connecticut that otherwise should be kept in the Democratic column.

Senator Hillary Clinton has announced her eventual support for whoever wins the Democratic party primary.

As reported in the same article:
"Clinton has been a loyal Lieberman supporter but said Tuesday that she would back the Democratic primary winner. Kerry said Wednesday that he also would support the Democratic nominee."
Personally, I like Senator Lieberman. But Mr. Lieberman has made himself too cozy with this Administration.
If he should fail to win the Democratic Primary it is incumbent upon him to announce his support for the Democrat that wins just as he would expect Mr. Lamont to support his candidacy if he should be successful instead.

Thank you Senators Clinton and Kerry!

We have a mighty struggle ahead of us in our goal to retake the Senate from the Republicans. Whatever we may think of Senator Lieberman, it will not be helpful for reform and change to occur for any of us to undermine our common values and goals.

America needs change more than ever!

We got your back John! Keep on coming.



Anonymous Rick Tolliver said...

I will check and see if this is posted, John Kerry needs to have the word "Whore" Tatooed on his forhead and promise America that he will say whatever the voter wants to here in order to get their vote. I see a large problem facing this country and I get no answeres for the Dems, all they do is bitch! I am not a registered anything, we need a hero and I do not see one in the futuer!

11:52 PM  
Anonymous bobsadvice said...


Thank you for your intelligent post.

I am not aware of any tattoos on Senator Kerry's body. I am glad you are interested in artwork. Support of the arts is important in our country.

It is true that all that the Democrats do is bitch. I guess that is because the Republicans control the House, the Senate, the White House, and the Supreme Court.

I am sure that you shall be supporting Senator Kerry's efforts to change this and elect Democrats into office this fall. Then we may be able to see the Democrats pass some legislation.

Regarding that hero. Senator Kerry might just be your man. You recall about his real military service and those purple hearts?

It is true that the President has been close to injuries in the past. He has taken some nasty spills from his mountain bike and I believe he came close to hurting himself prior to his multiple arrests for drunk driving.

Sure do appreciate you taking the time to participate here!


7:10 AM  

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