Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Why Kerry Matters

It seems somewhat fashionable to doubt the viability of a Kerry candidacy in 2008.

Sort of 'how can he win if he couldn't win against a candidate like George W. Bush.'

Or maybe he should have been tougher. Or he should have answered the attacks from the Swift Boat people quicker. Or maybe he 'had his shot, let's try someone new.'

But the problem was never Kerry's. This nation has not ever had a sleazy, smearing campaign as fought by the Republicans under Karl Rove.

And the problem isn't Kerry.

The same machine is gearing up for Hillary. Senator Edwards. Murtha. Gore. Mark Warner. Or whoever the Democratic Party puts forward as its nominee. It doesn't matter.

It never was about Kerry.

And meanwhile, our nation is involved in an unnecessary pre-emptive war which was sold to Congress under false pretenses. We now have a President who scoffs at the Constitution with his 'Signing Statements', abuses his power with unprecedented data mining without warrants and places himself above the law.

A President and a Party which is bankrupting America with massive deficits and fraud and corruption. And their answer is to make tax cuts permanent. To continue a war because we are in a war.

They ask us to "support the Troops" meaning support whatever policy is being implemented.

They suspend the Geneva Conventions, engage in torture of detainees, and practice rendition of terror suspects to secret locations in third world countries where additional torture and who-knows-what can be practiced.

They obstruct testimony to Congress when asked about Katrina.

And they violate anti-propaganda laws with phony video news releases and phony reporters in the White House press pool.

They obstruct science and interfere with the research into cures for disease and exploit the fears and insecurities of ignorant Americans attempting to deny homosexual Americans with the rights and privileges enjoyed by their heterosexual counterparts.

And they say they are the ones that have "values".

America needs Senator Kerry now more than ever before. We need his experience in being a decorated veteran yet knowing that the pain of war should be reserved for necessary conflicts.

We need Senator Kerry for President because no other candidate has his wisdom and understanding of foreign affairs and his experience as a Veteran who also knew when it was time to ask America to stop sending its young men and women to die for a mistake in Vietnam.

This time the mistake is called Iraq.

John Kerry is the heavyweight in the field. He is tough and he is persistent and he is not afraid to speak truth to power.

We don't need a red-state governor or a southern politician. We need a leader who can be a Statesman and represent us in Washington as our leader.

John Kerry is able to say he made a mistake supporting Iraq in the beginning. He is able to recognize that if we started a war under false presumptions, it doesn't make it any better to keep fighting it because many Americans have already died and have been maimed forever.

As long as Senator Kerry is interested in being President, this blogger shall continue to work to advocate for him, promote his candidacy, and discuss the issues.

We got your back John! Keep on coming!



Blogger the poor aristocrat said...

Very nice... and true...

6:31 PM  
Blogger DreamingofKerry said...

Wow. You nailed it. As Democrafty said over on , this is a must-read post.

7:52 PM  

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