Monday, June 12, 2006

Kerry Third in Latest Iowa Poll

As reported by CBS, Senator Kerry is the third choice for Iowans for President in 2008.

As reported:
"In a survey measuring the strength of potential Democratic presidential candidates, Edwards received 30 percent. Clinton was close behind with 26 percent. Massachusetts Sen. John Kerry was third with at 12 percent."
Other potential recipients of the 2008 nomination including Governor Mark Warner and Senator Russ Feingold were farther back in the poll in the single digits.

This is far too early to call.

But the important thing is that America is thinking about John Kerry for 2008!

There is no other candidate who has the personal experience as a decorated Vietnam Veteran combined with the unique perspective of being a founder of Vietnam Veterans against the War.

Senator Kerry understands America and the need to protect our freedoms.

He is not afraid to offer criticism of a mis-begotten military campaign.

He is tough and he is persistent.

And as long as he is interested in the job, he has the support of this blogger and other Americans. Including 12% of those polled in the latest Iowa survey.

Keep on coming John! We got your back!



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