Monday, June 26, 2006

More Concrete Republican Thinking!

This is concrete:

Seems like Republicans are having a hard time with concrete thinking:

"This is the opposite of positive formal thought disorder in that the links between thoughts are very rigid. It is sometimes called concrete thinking.

The patient is unable to think in abstract terms and will give an over-literal interpretation of proverbs e.g. when asked about the phrase "a rolling stone gathers no moss", the explanation revolves around stones and moss.

Concrete thinking is a symptom of schizophrenia."
You see some Republicans think that American soldiers fought for the flag.

They believe we are playing a game of Stratego, one of my favorite games growing up where the object is to capture the other player's flag. I always tried to capture the flag using my "Engineers". (Best to have a General nearby!).

They think that soldiers fight wars to protect pieces of cloth. Not pieces of paper like the Constitution. Thus they are ready to sacrifice the Constitution to protect those banners. I like the flag too. But I love the United States Constitution. Especially the First Amendment guaranteeing freedom of expression. Even protecting speech that I find personally distasteful like flag-burning.

Senator Frist explained his support for the Flag-burning Amendment:
"• Countless brave men and women have died defending the American flag. It is but a small, humble act to vote to defend it."
I think Senator Frist has been playing too many games of Stratego.

We don't go to war defending flags.

Flags are symbols. Presidents don't send young men and women into harm's way to defend symbols.

Americans fight wars to defend our liberty. To defend our freedom. To defend our Constitution. And yes to defend our right to express ourselves.

Republicans are intent on amending the Constitution to limit our freedoms! That is not an American value.

Republicans are intent on amending the Constitution to curtail freedom of speech that they find distasteful and to persecute homosexuals denying them the right to life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. They offer concrete ideas about how a flag is more important than an American citizen's right to expression. They tell Americans they should be afraid and that it is o.k. to persecute individuals with lifestyles different than our own who simply want to join in marriage.

This is not an American value!

It is time for American patriots to defend our freedoms from those who seek to meddle with the United States Constitution. This Administration has sought to undermine Constitutional freedoms ranging from searches without warrants with the NSA scandal, the mixing of religion and government with faith-based initiatives that take money from the public sector and voucher it into parochial schools. They have stifled dissent at political rallies black-listing individuals from attending meetings involving the President. The President has bad-mouthed the Federal debt violating the 14th Amendment of the Constitution. And now they wish to Amend the Constitution itself to limit our freedom of speech.

It is time for new leadership in America!

Freedom is America's values.

We got your back John. 2008 is around the corner!


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