Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Senator Kerry Campaigns in Salem, Massachusetts

As reported today in the Salem News, Senator John Kerry was once again exploring the waters for 2008.

He commented on the current sorry state of the Presidency:
"There is an absence of leadership that I have never seen," Kerry said. "(There is a) complete and total abdication of responsibility of serious engagement in issues that affect every single one of you here. It is driven by ideology, partisanship."
On the question of his own plans for 2008, Kerry was a bit more cautious:
"The short answer is, I'm thinking very seriously about it," Kerry said. "I know what it takes. I know how to do it, I know the mistakes we made, and we did make some mistakes."
Thank you Senator Kerry!

Keep thinking seriously about it. America needs your leadership! We can do it together!

Senator Kerry was quoted on some of the current issues facing America:
Iraq: "I think we have to get out of Iraq as fast as we can. ... Our guys are in the middle of a civil war. Who's kidding who?"

Immigration: "You have to have comprehensive reform. ... To just do enforcement is to invite a continued problem. ... We're going to have to have some people come in to do the jobs nobody wants to do."

The role of government: "'It's not the government's money, it's your money' ... (is) a very difficult proposition to defend against. The problem is, it's also your pothole and somebody's got to fill it. It's your school and somebody's got to manage it. It's your bridge and somebody's got to fix it."

Partisanship: "I have never seen the United States Senate and House as partisan as they are today. ... You don't have the kind of compromise that we used to have, where we used to look for 80 votes, 90 votes, instead of 51 votes."

The public's interest in government: "The attention span of Americans has changed. ... The people who don't want to listen to the president go to 'American Idol,' or they go to the game."
Keep those ideas coming!

America needs leadership with a coherent foreign policy.

A leader who will place qualified individuals in high positions and not cronies.

A leader who can recognize that he or she has made a mistake, instead of doing the same wrong thing over and over again.

A leader who values the environment, cares for those in need, believes in the posibilities of science, and treasures diversity among all of us and among all those around the world. A leader who believes that our National Parks are treasures and not pieces of real estate that can be sold off. A leader who believes that America is the beacon of freedom and not the object of inquiries into torture. A leader who believes that when the City of New Orleans loses 250,000 jobs, the President can do more than create a "tax incentive zone". A President can help those 250,000 people do the more than 250,000 jobs that need to be done!

We neeed you Senator Kerry! Hope is still on the Way!



Anonymous thomas said...

Nice find. We're still around two years out of the first primary vote, but I'm already extremely excited at the prospects of a Kerry victory.

Kerry's admission of mistakes is a clear indication that his campaign will run much smoother than last time.

Bob, I love your blog. Let me know how I can help Kerry in '08.

11:45 PM  
Blogger BobsAdvice said...


Thank you for writing. There are many of us who probably felt comfortable with John Kerry in the last election. He speaks my language.

He is insightful. Has a grasp of international affairs. Is very moderate but reasonable even on Iraq. Understands the proper place of religion in society. Believes in free speech. Worries about the environment. Women's issues. Even is sensitive to civil liberties for unpopular constituencies like gays.

And most of all, he has the experience of serving our nation in Vietnam, being a decorated veteran, and had the courage to say 'ENOUGH' when he returned and testified to
Congress. He is able to distinguish between the reflex 'support our troops' and a careful examination of the appropriate role of the United States and our foreign policy.

Insofar as what you can do, I sure appreciate you taking the time to write in the blog. Better yet, go to Senator Kerry's senate office website and send him an email supporting him for President.

I am sure that his staff will keep track of all of that and will contact you when they need your support.

Meanwhile spread the word!

We got your back John!


5:42 AM  

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