Monday, March 06, 2006

John Kerry Addresses University of Ulster on 21st Century Security

Listen ***HERE*** for Senator Kerry's speech.

Kerry stated:
"History is replete with examples of conflicts that at times seemed endless and intractable. But history also teaches us that if the desire for peace stays strong, it is always possible to prevail.

"There are lessons of perseverance and determination for peace to be learned from your experience here in Northern Ireland. You know better than anyone how long and arduous this process can be.

"The citizens of Northern Ireland have proven that progress is possible for those with the courage to seize it."

Mr Kerry said Iran was the "world's leading state sponsor of terrorism", which had defied the world by moving forward with its nuclear programme.

"A nuclear armed Iran clearly poses an unacceptable threat to global security," he added.
Thank you Senator Kerry! America needs your leadership now more than ever!



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