Monday, March 06, 2006

South Dakota Bans Virtually All Abortions

This is Governor Mike Rounds of South Dakota.

Governor Rounds signed a strict abortion law today banning virtually all abortions in South Dakota except in the rare case it might be necessary to save the life of the mother.

As reported:
"The Bill would make it illegal to have an abortion except in rare cases when it might be necessary to save the life of the mother.

No allowance would be made for women who had been raped or were victims of incest.

Doctors who performed an abortion would be punished with five years in prison and a $5,000 (£2,850) fine."
This is Tony Perkins of the Family Research Council:

Mr. Perkins thinks the action in South Dakota was a good thing for America. He released this statement:
"This is how our system of government should work. The elected representatives of the people set policy that is reflective of the people they represent. For far too long, elected leaders have based their policy decisions upon how a judge or judges might react to the enacted policy. The South Dakota legislature sent a bold statement to the rest of the nation that the day of judicial intimidation is over; human life will be protected in South Dakota.

"The passage of this law is a reflection of growing pro-life sentiment across the country and points toward a post-Roe era. Technology and information about embryonic and prenatal development have steadily overcome the myths and lies about abortion and the millions of babies whose lives have been destroyed by it. Give the people or their elected representatives a voice and you will find that most of America wants major changes in the abortion-on-demand regime that has stood only by judicial fiat for 33 years."
Myths and lies about abortion? Human life will be protected in South Dakota? Perhaps. But maybe it would be helpful to examine another area of the world where the "pro-lifers" have been successful in banning abortion.

As reported:
In most Central, South American and Caribbean countries, a woman wishing to terminate a pregnancy has either to go abroad or risk an operation performed by unqualified medical personnel.
And what has been the result of these laws to deny women the right to a safe and legal termination of their pregnancy, a safe and legal abortion?
Every year four million women in Latin America have an illegal abortion, according to the World Health Organisation.
As the report notes:
"It is the first to the third cause of maternal death in different countries in Latin America," the chair of the conference, Maria Consuelo Mejilla - director of Catholics For The Right To Decide, a Mexican pressure group - told BBC World Service's Outlook programme.

"It is affecting mostly poor women.

"Unsafe and illegal abortion in Latin America is a social justice problem. Women who have no resources die."
Maybe Governor Rounds would like South Dakota to be more like Peru where " estimated 50,000 women either die or suffer serious complications after an illegal abortion."

You see Governor Rounds, whether you like it or not, whether it is legal or not, women will continue to seek abortion in South Dakota. The only choice is whether you as Governor make sure that women are safe and offered abortions that keep them alive and healthy. These are your sisters, your daughters and your mothers Mr. Rounds.

Shame on you.

Senator John Kerry supports abortion rights for women.

As reported:
• Supports abortion rights.
• Said he will appoint only pro-choice judges to the Supreme Court.
• Opposed the legislation that would outlaw the procedure call partial-birth abortion because it makes no exception for a case in which the life of the mother was threatened.
• Opposes parental notification requirements.
• Said health plans should cover contraceptives.
You see Senator Kerry is one of those "Reality-Based" politicians.

You know, one of those leaders who is concerned about the effects of his actions. The effects that may result in the death and injury to thousands of young American women because of politicians who choose to grandstand instead of lead. Who choose to ignore the effects of their action and who pander to religious fundamentalists out of touch with the public health needs of America.

America deserves better!

We have your back John. 2008 is just around the corner!



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Rock on!
For those in the Boston area, Kerry will speak at an event at the Harvard Kennedy School of Gov't this Friday at 4:00 pm at the premiere of a documentary about soldiers with post traumatic stress syndrome.

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