Sunday, March 12, 2006

Kerry to New Hampshire: Campaign 2008 Continues!

Keep on coming Senator Kerry!

Like the boxer Jake La Motta in the Martin Scorcese classic boxing movie, Raging Bull, John Kerry seems to be able to absorb the punishment of the Republican spin machine and Swift Boating and yet continue to keep on coming.

America needs that spirit and drive!

As reported, Senator Kerry related:
'When you get knocked on your ass and lose a race, you've got to stop and reflect on what you're doing, why you're doing it, what matters, and what's important. And I did," Kerry said in an interview in his Senate office on Thursday. ''There's a very different John Kerry now who is absolutely crystal clear about how I communicate what I need to communicate. . . . People are going to be looking for leadership."
Thank you Senator Kerry!

America needs your wisdom, your experience, your leadership, and yes your vision to get us through these difficult times.

Kerry gave us some insight about his 2008 plans:
''I only know that I'm in a position to make this choice," Kerry said, reflecting his belief that he'd be a viable candidate should he decide to run. ''I'll do what I think is the right thing to do, based on my own gut and desire. I will not worry one instant about conventional wisdom. It was dead wrong in the last race, and it probably will be dead wrong again this time. I just don't buy into some of the things I hear around here based upon what happens when I go out and see people around the country."
John Kerry has work to do! There are many Democrats who are still frustrated by the 2004 loss to President Bush.

As reported:
''I'm a very big fan of John Kerry, and I wish he had won very, very much. But I think he's had his shot, and we need a new direction," said John Wertheim, an early Kerry supporter in the last presidential race who is now chairman of the New Mexico Democratic Party. ''I do sense that there is a feeling in the party that he has had his chance, and that we need to move on to someone new. We need a real breath of fresh air, a new voice for the party."
Leadership in America is NOT about breaths of fresh air or new faces or new voices.

Leadership in America is about finding individuals with the right ideas and the right understanding to get our country out of the mess we find ourselves.

Leadership in America is about dealing with problems and dusting oneself off and continuing to deal with them.

We don't need a "red-state governor" or another voice when we have the voice that spoke truth in the face of lies in 2004 and is speaking truth again for 2006 and 2008.

Hey John Kerry! Keep on coming. They can throw any hook or punch at you they want. They don't know about real heroes in the Republican Party. They just know about paper tigers and chicken hawks.

America needs you more than ever!



Anonymous libs r toxic said...

Thanks for the comic relief. When I read such absolute ignorance, I'm assured you Dhimmi-Rats have no chance at gaining office.

J F'N Kerry, however, has all the traits that you blue folks admire, cowardice being the one you emulate most successfully - yes - can always count on a lib to provide the yellow spine.
Great laugh dude,you ought to do stand up

10:54 AM  
Blogger BobsAdvice said...

Thank you for your enlightened commentary.

Cowardice? Does that include getting into the Texas Air National Guard to avoid Vietnam?

Just wondering.


12:10 PM  

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