Friday, December 29, 2006

A Time for Political "Sportsmanship"!

It is unfortunate that Americans have accepted the smear, the inuendo, and even the lies that destroyed Senator Kerry's campaign for the Presidency in 2004.

I recently submitted a column to the Ketchikan, Alaska SitNews site, which I would like to share with you regarding sportsmanship and what we can learn from our children and from Soccer.

"December 29, 2006

I learned a lot about sportsmanship watching my son and daughters play soccer. I recall the first time I saw a player injured on the team that didn't have possession of the ball and the team that did have the ball intentionally kick the ball out of bounds to stop the clock and allow medical assistance on the field. After that, the opposing team, in a sense of fair-play would throw the ball back in to the team that had the ball in the first place--their opponents. Even in soccer, winning wasn't everything. From time to time players and teams would know that the health of a player was of greater importance than winning at that moment.

Why is it then that we as adults cannot learn from soccer players a little bit of political sportsmanship when one of our leaders is injured or is suffering from a life-threatening illness?

Recently Senator Tim Johnson of South Dakota, a Democrat, suffered from an intra-cranial hemorrhage due to a congenital malformation of the blood vessels in his brain. Speculation has been rampant about the possibility of him dying or resigning and then the Governor, who for South Dakota, Mike Rounds, is a Republican, would have the opportunity of appointing a fellow Republican shifting the power of the Senate back to the Republican Party--all on the basis of a hemorrhagic stroke.

Coincidentally, a Republican Senator also is dealing with a life-threatening illness that was discovered after the November election. Senator Craig Thomas of Wyoming was discovered to have Acute Myelogenous Leukemia shortly after the most recent November election. This possibly fatal disease would also result in the Democratic Governor of Wyoming, David Freudenthal, having the opportunity of shifting power towards the Democrats if in the event of Thomas' death or resignation, he needed to appoint a replacement.

Is this what Democracy is about? That we should ever be interested in the demise of an elected official so that our political party might advance their influence? Should we ever permit a system that discourages an individual suffering with disease to stay in office just to preserve his or her party's power in government?

It is time for a little political sportsmanship. Whenever any elected official, regardless of their political persuasion, takes ill, we should all be wishing for the speedy recovery of that person and should never be speculating about the effects of their demise. If they are a Democrat, let's replace them with a Democrat; same if they are Republican. Let them know that they may not worry about the political effect of their illness; there won't be any political gain or loss associated with Cancer, or Stroke, heart attack, or auto accident.

Let us take the ghoulish out of American politics today! Let us learn from our children and our sportsmen. Whenever an opposing political player is injured or ill, let the party with the 'ball' feel free to kick it out of bounds, knowing that the party who regains the ball will once again return it to the other side. Care of the injured, and concern about the well-being of our leaders is more important than political gain.

America can do better! And it is time for our leaders to learn that lesson.

Robert Freedland"

There have been those in America who choose to spend time destroying the men and women who seek higher office who do not share their particular political views. Attacks have been made quite successfully against Senator Al Gore, Senator John Kerry, and more recently, against Senator Hillary Clinton.

Many of us have chosen to "blame the victim", instead of dealing with this insidious development in American politics today. We assume something is indeed wrong with these people; we are easily convinced that we shouldn't support people like this, instead searching for somebody who can be "elected".

I reject these false assumptions.

America needs greatness in leadership. We cannot allow our political opponents to define who we are and determine our choice of leaders.

Senator Kerry continues to be the most qualified of all of the potential candidates in the Democratic field for President. He thus receives the greatest level of attacks from his opponents who try to bury him under the mud.

Kerry has walked through mud before. He has been decorated in combat going through the mud of Vietnam. He has the strength and the determination to make an outstanding President. But he cannot do it alone.

Do not accept the dictates of our political opponents who will part the sea to allow the least electable among the Democrats to advance. Stand with Senator Kerry.

America needs new leadership now more than ever.



Blogger Michael said...

Ok Bob, when are you going to explain to all of us why kerry didn't receive his honorable discharge until President Carter's Amnesty program for deserters and those who received "less than honorable" discharges was implemented? Are you going to BAN me from your blog now?????

12:38 AM  
Blogger BobsAdvice said...


You are a man on a mission. I am impressed. You visit my blog more than any other Kerry supporter. Thank you for boosting my numbers.

You seem pretty reasonable in an off-beat fashion. Are you prepared to recognize that Senator Kerry served his nation in Vietnam? Are you prepared to condemn our President who used family influence to get out of the draft and get to the top of the list for the Texas Air National Guard? And did President Bush show up for duty in Alabama or was he out campaigning?

I don't get you guys. You are blinded by your bias and aren't willing to condemn the draft-dodgers who are now leading our nation into an endless war?

Why do you hate Kerry? Are you paid by Republican operatives to troll around and spread your manure? Do you find this entertaining? You echo the swift boat liars who didn't serve with the Senator. Why do you choose to denigrate a decorated Vietnam War Veteran? Do you have no sense of decency?

But thank you for boosting my stats which really aren't so great anyhow.

Tell me who you support for President? And why? And what is your experience in the military...although I have no way of verifying any of that anyhow.

Just curious.


No you are not banned yet. That's because I am "liberal".

12:48 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

Thanks Bob for not banning me, you made my night. You might be sorry!

12:56 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

Bob, I served in the Navy the same time your hero did (66 - 68) didn't know him then but despise him now! Only someone with "blinders" can continue to say this man is a military hero! He lied to get medals which cost lives. Do you think he should be the Commander & Chief? Do you think that the military will respect him?

1:08 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

"You visit my blog more than any other Kerry supporter"

I'll continue to do this if you want a great debate!

1:11 AM  
Blogger BobsAdvice said...


Thank you for toning down your comments. I do not agree with you. but I am willing to listen.

Please do not make accusations without some sort of verification. I need a link to some sort of real website or quote or something than just a slur.

You write about Senator Kerry's wounds not being real.

I would like to refer you to the Urban Legends page at which refutes these claims.

I believe that American soldiers today support Senator Kerry unless they have been fed with lies that you and your ilk have provided them. I don't believe that supporting troops includes sending them into harm's way without adequate armor, in inadequate numbers, and without an exit strategy, on false pretenses. To say otherwise is to stretch reality beyond credulity.


9:04 AM  
Blogger Michael said...

"You write about Senator Kerry's wounds not being real"

Ok Bob, let's take 1 thing at a time. Kerry's first wound occurred in early December, 1968. His commanding officer refused to recommend Kerry for a Purple Heart because the "wound" was just a scratch. Kerry finally got his Purple Heart for this "wound" after he was transferred to Saigon in February, 1969. Will you explain to us who recommended him and why it took over 3 months during a time in our history when they were handing out medals like candy?

2:33 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Michael wrote:

"Ok Bob, let's take 1 thing at a time. Kerry's first wound occurred in early December, 1968. His commanding officer refused to recommend Kerry for a Purple Heart because the "wound" was just a scratch. Kerry finally got his Purple Heart for this "wound" after he was transferred to Saigon in February, 1969. Will you explain to us who recommended him and why it took over 3 months during a time in our history when they were handing out medals like candy?"

Well, by now you have probably read my other posts regarding the criteria for a PH and should know - as did Grant Hibbard - that severity of the wound is not one of the criteria.

Kerry received his PH documentation when he had finally settled at An Thoi after moving around from station to station for several weeks (and BTW, it wasn't "over 3 months" later). There is no indication that it was not approved before then.

As you also should know from my earlier post, the Navy inspector general has said that ALL Kerry's medals, including his first PH, were properly processed and approved by those with proper authority to do so.

5:26 PM  

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