Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Kerry to Tour Middle East: Developing Iraq Strategy!

As more evidence of Senator John Kerry's continued interest in the 2008 elections, it was recently reported that he is planning to travel through the mid-east, meeting heads of state in Syria, Iraq, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon and Israel. Kerry is continuing to "do his homework" to get us all unstuck from the morass of Iraq!
"Kerry says, "The Mideast policy as a whole is in tatters, and the situation is getting more dangerous, and there is a lot that's at play."

"This is the most compelling and important issue on the table today: the war on terror, how it would more properly be fought."

Kerry will visit Iraq, Syria, Egypt, Jordan, Lebanon, and Israel, and in an unlikely move, will meet with the head of state in all of those countries.

According to the Boston Globe, Kerry said he plans to venture outside the heavily fortified Green Zone in Baghdad to talk to U.S. troops stationed in more volatile parts of the country, including the "Sunni Triangle."

Thank you Senator Kerry! The naysayers and critics are outnumbered by those of us who appreciate your sincere effort, real experience, and idealism that motivates you in these difficult hours facing America! We have got your back John!



Blogger Russ said...

This site is hilareous. You're being satirical, right?

"Kerry for president!" Thanks for the laugh.

3:44 PM  

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