Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Senator Kerry 5th in Latest Presidential Preference Poll!

CNN recently released the results of their 2008 Democratic Presidential Preference poll.

They reported:

"Clinton was ranked first among 10 potential Democratic candidates.

Second place for "likely" support was nearly even among Sen. Barack Obama of Illinois (15 percent), former Sen. John Edwards of North Carolina (14 percent) and former Vice President Al Gore (14 percent), given the poll's margin of error or plus or minus 4 percentage points.

Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts, the Democratic nominee in 2004, lost support, dropping from 12 percent in late October to 7 percent in the latest poll.

Worse news for Kerry: a majority of registered Democrats say they do not want to see Kerry win the party's nomination in 2008."

So what are we to make of this? Should we fold this blog up? Should we go home and post some Hillary bumper-stickers? Or put up a new blog for Barack? These other Democrats are fine Americans. And I may well go on to support them in 2008 if indeed Senator Kerry is not the nominee.

But this blogger is convinced that Senator John Kerry has the 'right stuff' to be President! I am not a fair weather blogger, a fair weather activist, or a fair weather American.

Our nation is at a point in its history where our citizens will need to determine which direction we are going. Are we as a nation to continue with a foreign policy that allows for proactive wars on fixed facts? Are we as a nation to allow the compromise of voting, the lack of a paper trail, the suppression of registered voters stripped from voting lists, the implementation of voter I.D. requirements that work to deny the poor and the disadvantaged the right to vote? Shall voting be made entirely provisional?

Does this nation endorse torture? Are secret prisons acceptable? Can evidence obtained under torture and coercion be allowed in a court trial? Can accused individuals see the evidence arrayed against them? Is hearsay allowable in a trial? Does Habeas Corpus matter in America?

And our courts? Does the President have rights and powers above other Americans? Is he above the law? Do we change the laws to accommodate the President or do we require the President to follow the laws?

What about signing statements? Does the President have the right to change the law without a veto just by his signature? Will this Congress provide oversight?

My support of Senator Kerry is about what Senator Kerry stands for. He is the most qualified, the most knowledgeable, and the most courageous candidate for President for this election. There is no question that he is now a dark horse. He is not the front-runner. The odds are indeed long that he shall succeed. But I wouldn't bet against the junior Senator from Massachusetts.

America needs his leadership. His wisdom. His courage. And yes, his understanding of where America needs to go in this century depends on the right candidate for President. In November, 2004, when I started this blog, I asked the question, "Why Kerry?". In that entry I wrote:
"We need a leader with the understanding and capability to lead this nation back onto the right course. This nation cannot tolerate another four or eight more years without the leadership that Kerry can provide."

This is not about a popularity poll. This is about the future of our country.

Keep on coming John! We have got your back!



Blogger Diane said...

Bravo. John Kerry never gives up, and neither can we.

10:59 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

"the implementation of voter I.D. requirements that work to deny the poor and the disadvantaged the right to vote"

Huh? Care to explain that?

4:01 PM  

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