Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Like the Intrepid, Are We Stuck in the Mud?

Like the USS Intrepid, the museum ship, the United States is finding itself stuck in the mud this election day.

Stuck in the mud of dirty politics that could only make a man like Karl Rove smile in glee.

A nation once again stuck in a quagmire of overseas military involvement with no end in sight.

A nation stuck in the mud of torture, rendition, secret prisons and illegal wiretapping.

A nation stuck in the mud of intolerance, with advocates crying to amend a Constitution written to defend liberty and freedom, with new restrictions on homosexuals in America.

Help push the Intrepid out of the mud. Be intrepid yourself! Vote for a new direction with another political party in the lead. We can and must do better!

Come on back John Kerry! We need your voice in these difficult times! We haven't cut and run on our brother. We have got your back!



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