Saturday, November 04, 2006

"What Really Demoralizes the Troops"

There have been many attacks on Senator Kerry regarding his now well-known gaffe in California. Some may say that after manipulating Kerry's speech, that he was somehow criticizing the soldiers when in actuality he was criticizing the President. Some may add that this may help demoralize the troops. Senator Kerry has always been an advocate of soldiers and veterans. He understands what it likes to serve his nation in uniform, unlike many of the chickenhawks so quick to attack him.

I found this video of Geoffrey Millard, an Iraq War veteran, who answers the question, "What really demoralizes the Troops."

Let us all hope that Senator Kerry continues to speak out against the injustice of this President, the injustice of the war in Iraq, and the injustice against our young people serving in this endless war. We support the Troops! But we ask about the other side of that contract; the obligation of government to not send soldiers into harms way where they can lose their limbs or their lives unless it is absolutely necessary. And when doing so, make sure they are sent in adequate numbers, and are adequately supplied.

Keep on coming John! We have got your back!



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