Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Standing With Senator Kerry!

I am proud to be standing with Senator John Kerry and continue to support him for President in 2008!

Keith Olbermann had an outstanding commentary tonight!

Click HERE to listen to Olbermann's comments.

Senator John Kerry speaks truth to power. He threatens those who are uncomfortable hearing about where America is going. He understands that America can not long survive if the Constitution is threatened and our civil liberties trashed.

They have ambushed you Senator Kerry! Through their hacks and operatives, they will spin lies, spread attacks and employ all of the tactics of the politics of personal destruction. They do this in 2006 because they are afraid. They see truth in your words and strength in your soul.

There will be times Senator Kerry when you might wish to not have this task that has been given to you. But this job is yours! It is your role to play!

America needs Senator John Kerry more today than ever before!

Keep on Coming John! We have got your back!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I SUPPORT JOHN KERRY, I'm so glad he fought back, he is a good man and I would support him fully for 2008 Presidential Candidate. I feel the GOP Hate machine has struck again, they have NOTHING to run on, so they use this game of words. I'm tired of the GOP, the party of corruption and I fully support JOHN KERRY. I'm glad he fought back. Hang in their JOHN KERRY, Many AMERICANS are with you.

1:24 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

John Kerry, a millionaire Boston Brahman, A United States Senator and former candidate for Presdident speaks truth to power?
That's truly funny in a sad, demented way. If you believe that, you're as clueless as Kerry.

Kerry had his chance in 2004 and lost, the Democrats will NOT give him another chance.

2:42 PM  
Blogger herzhonour said...

Exactly what is Kerry fighting?
There was no one on that podium
forcing him to expose himself
as he did. But blame the GOP?
They got some kind of rovian
magic forcing him to say the
things he now says he didn't say?
Or has he changed the definition of
words prior to speaking them?

3:19 PM  

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