Thursday, November 02, 2006

Jimmy Tingle on John Kerry...a great mp3!

Here is a quick one if you are a Jimmy Tingle fan!

Listen HERE for a short comment by Jimmy Tingle on the John Kerry flub. And how he thinks President Bush owes America an apology!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

This comment by Tingle shows a good example of a liberal left wing nut job and his thoughts. Why should people look to John Kerry for anything? The guy doesn't care about the normal every day people like you and me. He certainly doesn't care about the veterans. He videotaped himself over in Vietnam to try and document what kind of hero he was. If you ask me, that's bulls#$t!! He was all about politics from the very beginning and planned to come home from there and cause a scene and make himself famous. He can kiss America's A$$!!

11:16 AM  

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