Sunday, November 05, 2006

Joe Gandelman on Not Buying Bush Cigarettes!

I found an interesting comment by Joe Gandelman who writes a terrific blog called The Moderate Voice. Gandelman writes a very serious piece about the importance of this election. Something is very rotten in our political system. We have a Congress that fails to provide oversight of this Administration, a President who feels he doesn't need to consult with the FISA Courts when wiretapping, and a President who doesn't feel he needs to follow the laws that are passed by Congress--writing 'signing statements' that amend law.

Gandelman writes:
"The feeling today is NOT the same as during the Vietnam era. The Vietnam war began to lose the public as campus turmoil erupted, generations turned against generations, and a mind-boggling body count began to pepper the front pages of daily newspapers and newscasts. In this war, anti-war demonstrations have largely been tepid, the campuses aren't erupting (not having a draft has something to do with that), there is no massive generational confrontation, and the tragically zooming body count has not (yet) reached Vietnam proportions.

In this war, the concerns boil down to three words: credibility, competence and oversight.

Many Americans of both parties and of no party are beginning to conclude this administration lacks all three and operates with virtually no controls or consequences.

Will Tuesday mark the day that changes?

Or will it be a day when we need to buy a bunch of bananas?"
Thank you Joe! It is too early for us to be writing off this great nation. But there are forces afoot that preach intolerance, xenophobia, disrespect for the law, and disdain for the Courts! America needs a new direction if it is to long survive.



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