Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Literacy Associated with Support for John Kerry!

Not a big surprise for me.

Always seemed like it was obvious that if you read the news, kept up with world events, and had a good education, you would be supporting Senator Kerry!

Now comes this story from USA Today on America's "Most Literate Cities".

They report:
"•The most literate cities also tend to be more liberal, a
comparison with voter preferences in the 2004 presidential election suggests.
Miller found that cities that voted for Sen. John Kerry, D-Mass., in general
rank higher than cities that voted for President Bush. The average ranking for
Kerry-voting cities is 27, vs. 51 for cities that voted heavily for Bush.
(Voting preferences for cities were provided by the California-based Bay Area
Center for Voting Research.)
Also, Kerry-leaning cities rank higher in five
of the six categories. The one exception: Cities that favored Bush rank higher
in average education levels."

So I guess, to paraphrase that now famous line, 'If you work hard, do your homework, and study..." you are likely to support Senator John Kerry for President!

Keep on coming John! You have an important message for America. There are those who would like to see your leadership unavailable to America. But don't worry, they probably haven't been reading much.



Blogger Jael said...

I just want to clear something up......This is about the 2004 election, so it just says something that we probably know already which is that more educated people voted Democrat and and less educated people voted Republican....we knew that....this doesn't say anything about supporting John Kerry Specifically in the future, I also wanted to point out that the fact that you posted this is exactly why Kerry won't win....I mean what's the point.....are you bragging that smart people voted for Kerry and dumb people voted for Bush.....So what.....That's the problem, their are way more dumb people in this country than smart people....Kerry represents that small Elitest Limousine Liberal constituancy that makes the rest of us look bad.....we shouldn't focus on calling the people who vote for our opponents STUPID, we should focus on educating them so they know better in the future, Kerry has no credibility with these people and this is part of why he will never be President.....It's not enough to be right if you cant communicate your position to the General Public.......WITH THAT SAID....if Kerry's so damn smart, why did he get his ass handed to him by one of the worse President's in American History? I know why....Do you know why?

4:07 PM  
Blogger Michael said...

"more educated people voted Democrat and and less educated people voted Republican"

Really? That's not what the study found. Below are excerpts from the study.

In all, the BACVR researchers examined voting patterns of 237 American cities with populations of over 100,000 and ranked them each on liberal and conservative scales.

The list of Americas most liberal cities is dominated by cities with large African American populations that are concentrated in the Northeast, Midwest and California.

Conversely, the study found that the staunchest conservative cities are clustered in the South and interior West and have extremely low numbers of African American residents.

Detroit, MI, and Provo, UT, epitomize Americas political, economic and racial polarization, says Peter Thai, a BACVR researcher. As the most conservative city in America, Provo is overwhelmingly white and solidly middle class. This is in stark contrast to Detroit, which is impoverished, black and the most liberal.

Gary, Indiana, a rust belt former steel town, comes in as Americas second most liberal city, followed by Berkeley, California, which ranks third. Washington, D.C. comes in as the fourth most liberal and Oakland, California comes in fifth.

On the list of the nations most conservative cities, Texas cements its reputation as Americas most rock-ribbed state, having three cities in the top five. Lubbock and Abilene, Texas rank as the second and third most conservative cities, respectively, followed by Hialeah, Florida in fourth place and Plano, Texas in fifth.

BACVR researchers found a direct correlation between a citys political ideology and its racial makeup. The great political divide in America today is not red vs. blue, north vs. south, costal vs. interior or even rich vs. poor it is now clearly black vs. white, says Phil Reiff, a BACVR director.

4:51 PM  

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