Saturday, September 16, 2006

John Kerry Gets it Right! Campaign 2008 Continues!

Senator John Kerry is visiting Iowa this weekend.

Regarding his past and his future as a Presidential candidate, Kerry had this to say:
"“I think the American people can understand I lost to a lie about Iraq and lie about me personally,” Kerry said while en route to Iowa. “I think people will say, Kerry was right about the war, he was right about health care, he was right about energy policy.

“I think people wouldn’t mind having a president who knows how to get it right,” he added."
Kerry has reminded Americans that the terrorists that struck us on 9/11 were not connected to the Iraq conflict; instead, they were connected with Taliban bases in Afghanistan. America needs to address the inadequately attended war in Afghanistan not the Iraqi conflict which was an unnecessary Iraq war. Kerry pointed out:
"“Iraq is not the center of the war on terror,” he said Friday. “Afghanistan is in greater trouble today and we ought to be redeploying our forces in a way that helps us properly fight this war.”
Thank you senator Kerry!

Senator Kerry had it right in 2004.

America is ready for John Kerry in 2008.

Iowa is waiting. All of America is waiting. The stakes have never been as high.

Keep on coming John. We have got your back.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

If Silky's gonna' run for president, he needs to requalify with the M-79 so he can find a rainstorm and get another medal. harhar

3:41 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kerry will never be president, the swifties were and are right - if he was inocent then or now AKK he has to do is release his records, but that will never happen. He is a treasonous fake war hero and I am ashamed of him as an american, and as a man. They have more evidence now than back then and are just waiting for the Silk Poodle to try again. He will go down in flames so fast he will qualify for airmans medals next.

4:20 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Kerry is a joke. He was a joke in 2004 and he has not improved. The SwiftVets are ready if he decides to take them on again. I doubt that even he is that ignorant. But if he is then his being the nomineee for the Democrats in 2008 will guarantee a Republican victory.

7:44 PM  
Blogger BobsAdvice said...

Thank you all for participating here. You are welcome to add to the discussion. Let me summarize: you don't like Kerry because he has received Purple Hearts in Vietnam, and he testified in Congress about Vietnam in a way that you found embarassing, and he is a joke.

Do you three (?) have any interest in discussing issues on this website. I would enjoy hearing some intelligent conservative discussion as well.

Sure do appreciate you all showing up and participating though! Be sure and read all of the rest of the posts and you are welcome to continue to post!


9:57 PM  

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