Thursday, August 31, 2006

Republicans Make it Easy for Democrats!

Republicans in America have made it easy to be a Democrat.

They preach fear and intolerance.
Democrats preach optimism and understanding.

They talk about the evils of taxation and the curse of government.
We understand that taxes are the civic duty of every citizen, and that government is merely the combined cooperative effort of all Americans accomplishing things that individually we could not make happen.

They believe is that the best tax is no tax. That the role of government is to reduce the tax burden on the wealthy who pay the most taxes.
Democrats believe that taxes should be progressive, that those who can pay should bear the greatest burden. And that balancing a budget is a reasonable responsibility of government.

They prefer to advocate torture, rendition, and detention without charges to advance the war on terror. We fight the same war but respect the dignity of every human being, advocate following the Geneva Conventions and cherish our Constitutional freedoms.

They scoff at global warming and place profits ahead of environmental safeguards.
We look to recycle and conserve; they believe in drilling and exploitation.

We respect every individual's right to worship God and insist on keeping government and religion separate. They view their religious views as paramount and wish to insert them into the public square.

They look at civil liberties and organizations that work to protect them as somehow subversive. That why would anyone want to believe or say those things they are protecting anyhow. Democrats believe that civil liberties are the key element of our nation that separates us from totalitarian regimes. That protection of liberty is more important than reaching desired political results.

We trust science and look for cures for diseases.
They depend on primitive fundamentalist views to dictate our understanding of the universe and prefer to restrict science.

We believe in evolution.
They advocate creationism.

We believe in sex education and supporting youth.
They believe in silly ideas of "abstinence only" whether or not they represent good health policy, and that youth should be denied healthcare and access to reproductive support as a matter of policy. Even if this means more disease.

We support public education as the great equalizer.
They prefer to support parochial education on public moneys.

We protect the right of every woman to choose her reproductive destiny.
They wish to turn back the clock and deny women the freedoms they have earned.

They wish to protect the "institution of marriage" by hurting individuals with different sexual orientations than theirs and denying them the right to enjoy marriage. We believe in respecting the rights and freedoms of every American regardless of their sexual orientation.

They believe in rugged individualism, that society is better if more people carried concealed weapons.
We believe in the modern police force and the rights of citizens to live in a society without the fears of others carrying guns.

It is easy being a Democrat.

One just has to care about others. Love the unloved. Feed the hungry. And educate the ignorant.

We understand family values. That is what we are about.



Anonymous John said...

"We believe in evolution.
They advocate creationism."

Not totally accurate. There are many of us who believe in creationism, who believe in God, and yes, are Christians, yet heartily support the Democratics.

6:52 AM  
Anonymous Robert Freedland said...


Good point. I am comfortable respecting those that believe in creationism. And I welcome them into the big tent that is the Democratic Party.

Personally, I oppose teaching creationism in the public schools. This is a religious concept from my perspective and as such, should be something taught in the home, in the church or synagogue, but not in the school system where science should be discussed.

Unfortunately, too many Christians have been told that voting Democratic is not consistent with the Christian faith. That they are the ones with the "values".

It is John Kerry who, in my opinion, has demonstrated the important values of Christianity without trying to impose them on others. He understands that our place in this world comes along with a responsibility of healing the sick, feeding the hungry and clothing the poor.

He understands that not all problems should be dealt with with warfare and that crime is to be faced with more than arming the civilian populations with concealed weapons.

If I have generalized to a point that I have also become hurtful, I apologize. I respect the personal views of all Americans in regards to their understanding of God and their relationship to their maker. I look forward to an America that works to advance the toleration and value of every individual and finds ways to accommodate and not persecute these differences.

10:09 AM  

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