Monday, July 31, 2006

Kerry: Universal Health by 2012

Senator John Kerry is fighting for the health and welfare of all Americans!

John Kerry in Iowa on 7/29/06

Writing in the Boston Globe today, Kerry recognizes that with international trade, the cost of healthcare is driving many businesses to limit the traditional health insurance benefit that comes along with a job.

As he points out:
"While companies such as General Motors struggle under enormous healthcare obligations, companies such as Wal-Mart are opting out of employers' traditional healthcare responsibilities. Wal-Mart currently insures fewer than half of its employees -- that's 800,000 workers left outside the system, some turning to Medicaid just to get healthcare at all. It's not right, but it shouldn't be a surprise. Good corporate citizens are coping with a competitive disadvantage in the global marketplace. GM pays $1,500 in healthcare costs on every vehicle it manufactures. Toyota pays only $200."
Kerry reviewed three prongs of his plan:
"Right now the most expensive 0.4 percent of insurance claims account for 20 percent of all healthcare costs. We need to lower costs to businesses with a new federal reinsurance plan for catastrophic care -- those with the most serious, and expensive, illnesses. Reinsurance is a simple concept: It's insurance for insurers; a way for health plans to manage their risks and lower your costs.

Second, no child in America should lack health insurance. Leaving 11 million American children uninsured is wrong and, from the administration that brought us ``No Child Left Behind," it is breathtakingly hypocritical.

Most single moms raising two kids on $36,000 a year don't qualify for any help. My Kids First plan would change that, covering all children up to three times the poverty level.

Finally, it is untenable for 35 million adults to go without insurance. We need to use every weapon in our arsenal until everyone is covered, including making the Federal Employees Health Benefits Program affordable and accessible for everyone in America with targeted tax credits for small businesses, middle-class families, and people between jobs. Members of Congress give themselves great healthcare and give taxpayers the bill -- if it's good enough for senators and congressmen, it should be good enough for every American who wants to choose it."
John Kerry understands that American business will benefit by alleviating the burden of health insurance in the era of world-competition. In addition, he understands that America must address the health of its citizens and do a better job at it!

How does Senator Kerry propose paying for this program?

Senator Kerry points out:
"All of this and more could be paid for by simply repealing President Bush's cripplingly expensive tax cuts for those making more than $200,000 a year.
Thank you Senator Kerry!

While Republicans in Congress today are worried about insuring that millionaires may inherit more millions instead of worrying about an adjustment of a minimum wage that keeps Americans in poverty. And instead of worrying about the health of all Americans, they guarantee the health of major drug companies, prohibiting the Federal Government from negotiating with private drug companies to offer Seniors a discount on medication.

Senator Kerry gets it! Our leaders are supposed to look for ways to bring help to those Americans who need it most! Our Government is here to solve problems and not protect and increase the disparity between the wealthy and the poor in this nation. The American Dream belongs to every American and John Kerry is working for all of us.

Thank you John! Keep on coming! 2006 is here and 2008 is around the bend!



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