Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Boehner has No Sense of Decency!

Congressman John Boehner, the Republican House Majority Leader owes America an apology.

Mr. Boehner, asked about the Democratic response to the President's 9/11 5 year anniversary speech had this to say:
"REPORTER: Mr. Leader, a number of Democrats said last night that the President should be -- well, let me quote Senator Kennedy - should be ashamed of his performance. He did not unite the country but in fact used or commandeered the airwaves to build support for a war in Iraq.

I wanted to know what your reaction was to that, and was the President playing politics last night?

BOEHNER: I think yesterday was intended to mourn the loss of our 3,000 fellow citizens for what happened 5 years ago and to remind Americans that we are in a serious war and winning the war against the terrorists is the only option, and so I do not know how you separate all of that and be honest with people.

I listen to the questions today and I listen to my Democrat friends, and I wonder if they are more interested in protecting the terrorists than protecting the American people.

This debate has gone on now for several years. We went through it on the floor back in June. And the fact is, is that these people want to kill Americans. They have killed Americans. And if we do not go after them and defeat them they are going to continue to injure and kill more Americans."
Shame on you Mr. Boehner.

Great American that YOU are.

Your family seal is the Philip Morris Seal.Congressman Boehner you are a fine patriotic American! Your services are always for sale. As Bloomberg reported:
"Boehner, 56, who has been in Congress since 1991, has said he and DeLay have had conflicts in the past, and other lawmakers say they are not close. Even so, Boehner has strong connections to lobbyists: He met weekly with leading lobbyists to enlist their support and discuss strategy during his four years as House Republican Conference chairman, from 1995 to 1998."
AND this moment of infamy:
"In 1995, Boehner handed out campaign checks from the tobacco industry to members on the House floor at a time when lawmakers were considering eliminating a tobacco subsidy.
But your patriotism knows no bounds. And you haven't given up your addiction to niccotine have you?

As reported by the Washington Post:
"The stories are numerous. Just hours after Blunt was named to the House's third-highest leadership job in 2002, he unsuccessfully tried to insert a measure benefiting Philip Morris into the 475-page bill creating the Department of Homeland Security. Blunt's ties to the company are thick: He was very close to a company lobbyist, Abigail Perlman, at the time, and married her in 2003. She does not lobby Congress. One of his sons, Andrew B. Blunt, lobbies the Missouri legislature for Philip Morris.
And I suppose that you are the fine, upstanding Congressman who should question the patriotism of the Democrats, when your own loyalty has been contracted out to big tobacco and big business?

Those of us who fight for the protection of Civil Liberties in America are the true Patriots.

Those of us who question the NSA spying WITHOUT warrants are protectors of the Constitution.

Those of us who question the propriety of torture and rendition to secret prisons are not traitors Mr. Boehner, we are Americans who love this country and who cringe when we see Republicans like you trash our values, sell-out to tobacco lobbyists, and profit from disease and death.

Senator John Kerry had this to say:
"KERRY: “Enough has been written about the comments made yesterday by House Majority Leader John Boehner.

I’m not interested in asking Mr. Boehner for a clarification or a retraction or even an apology. His statement was very clear, and equally despicable. His words are beyond redemption.

“They are, however, sadly, what we’ve come to expect in politics today.

What I am asking, today, is for the Senate to be the Senate. We talk here about ‘my friend’ from across the aisle. We talk about the traditions of the Senate. We talk about civility. But in the last years, I’ve seen things happen here that never would’ve happened in the Senate that I joined in 1985.

We’ve come a long way since the days when Bob Dole and George Mitchell refused to campaign against each other. I’ve seen colleagues say in the cloakroom that they thought it was wrong to see the courage of their friend Max Cleland attacked, but on the floor of the Senate – silence.

I think there are good people here who still long for civility. I’ve heard it. I heard the junior Senator from Oregon say just this summer, ‘My soul cries out for something more dignified.’ My friend from Arizona just this spring said that ‘self-expression sometimes overwhelms our civility.’

This is one of those times – but it is much more. I’m asking for my 54 Republican colleagues across the aisle, to stand up not just for civility, but for truth, and to come here and condemn Mr. Boehner’s remarks in no uncertain terms if they disagree with them.

That is a test of the kind of place we’ve become and the kind of politics we’ll tolerate. It’s a test of the character of the United States Senate, and I think every American would benefit from hearing where each and every Republican stands on Mr. Boehner’s words just yesterday.”
Thank you Senator Kerry!

Thank you for standing up for decency and civility in America!

The United States Senate could use a bit more of your leadership and your decency.

America could use more than this Joe McCarthy tactic from the Republicans.

Have you no sense of decency Mr. Boehner?

Keep on coming John! We have got your back!


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