Monday, November 21, 2005

No Way Out for President Bush!

Watch the VIDEO from Crooks and Liars.

Will someone please open the door and let him out of here?



Blogger lazysusan said...


That was pretty funny.

The government is bleeding red ink, our young men and women are dying in a war that was started on false pretenses with manipulated information, our environment is deteriorating as we have a President who has denied global warming, who cannot respond to a Katrina disaster with appointments of horse show judges running FEMA, outs CIA agents with the Vice-President's Chief of Staff under indictment, undermines the separation of Church and State and threatens public education, and doesn't understand torture, with Dick Cheney lobbying to Congress to undermine the Anti-Torture legislation.

So I am laughing real hard.

The joke was on America! John Kerry spoke French and everyone thought that was a hoot. Let's vote for the good old boy who you could drink a beer with! Who wants that Vietnam veteran with the "faked" purple hearts. Hell he threw them didn't he? And he changed his mind a lot. We got ourselves a President who is consistent. Consistently incompetent.

I don't think the idiots and morons were voting for Senator Kerry.



I am just posting jokes on my blog. If you had taken the trouble to peruse the entire blog, you would see jokes on ALL....Bush, Kerry or Clinton or Hillary.



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