Friday, November 04, 2005

Vote No on Prop 73!

Governor Schwarzenegger supports Prop 73 in California.

Arnold Schwarzenegger at Stanford

The actor-turned-politician governor explained his view of abortion:
Schwarzenegger told the Sacramento Bee in an interview earlier this week that he would "kill" someone who took one of his own daughters in for an abortion. He has four children, including two teenage daughters.

While he clarified the remark to say that he would not literally kill someone, he said it makes no sense that a school notifies parents about a child receiving first aid after a schoolyard scrape or fall but that a minor can have an abortion without her parents' knowledge.
This proposition is about harming children! While seemingly acting to protect young people, this bill shall put young women at risk for dangerous alternatives to abortion and does not reduce abortion procedures among the young.

The referendum is summarized by the California Secretary of State:


* Amends California Constitution, prohibiting abortion for unemancipated minor until 48 hours after physician notifies minor's parent/legal guardian, except in medical emergency or with parental waiver.
* Defines abortion as causing "death of the unborn child, a child conceived but not yet born."
* Permits minor to obtain court order waiving notice based on clear, convincing evidence of minor's maturity or best interests.
* Mandates various reporting requirements.
* Authorizes monetary damages against physicians for violation.
* Requires minor's consent to abortion, with certain exceptions.
* Permits judicial relief if minor's consent coerced.
Planned Parenthood points out the potential harm of this type of legislation:
Evidence suggests that lack of confidentiality in accessing sexual health care services severely delays or even curtails minors' use of those services. A survey of abortion patients around the U.S., conducted by the Alan Guttmacher Institute (AGI), found that 63% of minors who were having later abortions (after 16 weeks' gestation) cited fear of telling their parents as reason for the delay (Torres & Forrest, 1988). In August 2002, the Journal of the American Medical Association published a study of minors seeking sexual health care services at Planned Parenthood health centers in Wisconsin. Nearly half (47%) of the respondents reported that they would discontinue use of all Planned Parenthood services if their parents were notified that they were seeking prescription contraceptives. An additional 12% would delay or discontinue using specific sexual health care services if parental notification were required. But only one percent said they would stop having vaginal intercourse (Reddy, et al ., 2002).

Experience shows that teenagers who cannot involve their parents in their abortion services suffer harm in states with mandatory parental consent and notice laws. Whether they travel to other states or obtain judicial approval, the results are the same: delays that can greatly increase both the physical and emotional health risks as well as the costs.
This referendum does nothing about protecting young women from the risks of abusive fathers or mothers who may wish to punish these girls for their sexual activity. This referendum does not assist young people in dealing with this awkward and stressful experience. It makes it worse for them. This bill is not about society showing its love and concern for these young women; this bill is about punishing girls for what is felt to be unacceptable behavior. This type of law does not belong in America!

And what of John Kerry?

Senator Kerry in Jefferson City, Missouri

As reported by the Annenberg Center:
Kerry did vote against a “parental notification” amendment in 1991 offered by Republican Sen. Dan Coats of Indiana. That measure would have required that parents or guardians be notified 48 hours in advance of any abortion on a pregnant daughter under age 18 performed by any organization receiving federal family-planning funds. The measure passed the Senate 52-47, mostly along party lines. Kerry was one of 42 Democrats who opposed it.
The article continues:
Kerry voted for an alternative measure that would have allowed for much broader exceptions. The measure Kerry supported would have allowed a physician to perform an abortion on a teenager without notifying the parents if the doctor determined that she “is mature enough and competent to provide consent” herself, or if the doctor determined that notifying the parent or guardian would lead to abuse or “is not in the best interest of the minor.” The Kerry-supported measure also would have allowed the abortion to proceed without notification to parents if an “adult family member” gave consent. That family member could be an aunt or grandparent -- or even a older brother or sister over age 18.
Senator Kerry cares about children and young women in America! We desperately need a nation that seeks to care for those in pain, and those in need, and not to ostracize and harrass women of all ages who seek to have the reproductive freedoms they deserve!

Vote NO on 73!



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