Monday, October 10, 2005

Kerry in Iowa: There is work here to do!

John Kerry is on the move!

AP Photo by Jason Cook: Kerry signs a skateboard for Cassandra McWane, 15

John Kerry knows he has a responsibility to America and to the Americans who supported him for President. He stated yesterday in Iowa:
"It's the importance of my responsibility as a nominee and as a senator and as a public person not to turn my back on the invested effort of millions of Americans," Kerry said.
Also during his visit to Iowa, he encouraged supporters to continue the good fight:
"You can't sit around and cry in your teacup and lament about it. You've got to take that frustration . . . and channel it," he told more than 300 Des Moines-area party faithful at a fundraiser for Democratic women.

"And we almost achieved it last time," he said, recalling record turnout by Democrats in his losing effort to unseat President Bush.
Thank you Senator Kerry for continuing the fight for Americans who believe that our nation can lead the world as a symbol of freedom, tolerance, and as a beacon of peace and brotherhood, instead of a symbol of "shock and awe."

America can do better. John Kerry is ready to lead America back to the path of our Founding Fathers. We've got your back John! Keep on coming!



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