Tuesday, August 09, 2005

President Bush! Cindy Sheehan is Waiting!

Cindy Sheehan is camping by the road in Crawford, Texas. She is patient. She is waiting to speak with President Bush about her son Casey who was killed in Iraq.

Cindy Sheehan at a demonstration in North Carolina

On April 4, 2004, her son, Casey Sheehan was killed while serving in Iraq. As reported by CNN:
BAGHDAD, Iraq (CNN) -- Shiites angry over the arrest of a top cleric's deputy stormed through a Baghdad neighborhood Sunday, killing seven U.S. troops, wounding dozens more and taking over buildings, coalition officials said.
This is a picture of Casey Sheehan:

Cindy has described her first meeting with President Bush and now she wants to speak with him again. She related:
CINDY SHEEHAN: Actually, I met with the President in June of 2004, a couple of months after my son was killed. We were summoned up to Fort Irwin, Washington state, to have a sit down with the president. So my entire family went. And I was on CNN last night with Larry King talking about this, and there was another mother who had met with him, and she said that she supports the war and the President, and she said he was so warm and everything and gentle and kind, and when my family and I met with him, I met a man who had no compassion in him. He had no heart. Like Karen said, he cares nothing about us. We tried to show him pictures of Casey. He wouldn't look at them. He wouldn't even acknowledge Casey's name. He called me “Mom” through the entire visit. He acted like we were at a tea party, like it was something fun, that we should just be so pleased that we got to meet with the President who killed our son.

And now? What does she want to ask the President? She states:
"I want to ask the president, why did he kill my son?" Sheehan told reporters. "He said my son died in a noble cause, and I want to ask him what that noble cause is."
Cindy knows the answer.

There were no weapons of mass destruction.

There was no connection to 9/11.

We are not building a Democracy in Iraq.

There is no "noble cause". That is why the President cannot speak with Cindy Sheehan. He has no answer.

The whole thing is a mistake.

As Senator John Kerry so bravely testified almost 25 years ago to a different Congress, and a different War that grows to resemble the quagmire we find ourselves in today,
How do you ask a man to be the last man to die for a mistake?
Thank you Cindy Sheehan for doing more to bring America together on this issue than any other leader, or any other protestor. You have paid the ultimate sacrifice to this war. You feel the pain deeper than any of us can imagine, except other mothers and fathers who share your grief.

President Bush may choose unwisely not to speak to you! But you are speaking to all of America now with a voice that cannot be silenced, cannot be arrested, cannot be denied. Thank you for everything you do.

America deserves better!


While she is in Texas, you can contact her here to give words of support!
Cindy Sheehan
c/o Crawford Peace House
9142 5th Street
Crawford, TX 76638-3037


Anonymous Stephen Hacker_Ohio said...

My whole family voted for Kerry, I was only 17 at the time, but i did my best to try to reach out to people and warn them about bush.
He's an awful and heartless man. He getting many soldiers killed for his greed of oil. I think he's the anti-christ. His numerical value in hebrew alphabet of his name is 666, he used religion to get his 04 election. He has no morals, i think possibly had an abortion in 1971.He once said god spoke to him to kill saddam. God definitely wouldn't say that. And also the letter w in latin =6,he said www stands for me(CNN 10/29/00) w-6w-6w-6 there u have he's got to be. But im def. voting for kerry in 08. I cant wait when that time comes!

4:14 PM  
Anonymous ILOVEAMERICA said...

You know. You people need to get over yourselfs. Don't you have a life ? Cindy Sheeham is mentally unstable. GET IT ????? I feel bad that her son got killed just like I feel sad that all the others died as well. She is no more special than they are. I feel bad about all the soldiers that died in Viet Nam as well. Ask Kennedy and Johnson about that one. Okay??

I really don't get a damn who wins the presidency in 2008. Does it really matter. It will be the same ole same ole. Democrats and republicans fighting all the time. I just live my life day at a time in a free ountry I dearly love. And..being that I love my country I respect and support my President and thats what every body else should be doing. No one on the planet is perfect ! Everyone makes mistakes. Any mistakes made are not the mistakes of one person. This bickering needs to stop. It does nothing for no one. Grow up and get a life.
And quit spirting lies about people. DAMN. GET A GRIP.

8:12 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


4:23 PM  
Anonymous bobsadvice said...


Not quite a prayer I would say. Problem is, just because you love your country, you find it necessary to support the President regardless of what he does. That isn't my America!

Thanks for dropping by and commenting.


10:47 PM  

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