Monday, July 18, 2005

Another White House Leaker!

This is a picture of I. Lewis "Scooter" Libby Jr.

Photo of Lewis Libby

This is where he works.

Photo of White House

This is who Mr. Libby works for:

Vice-President Cheney

is what he did:
The vice president's chief of staff was a source along with the president's chief political adviser for a Time magazine article that identified a CIA officer, a Time reporter said Sunday.

The disclosure further countered White House claims that neither aide was involved in the leak.
This is the White House Press Secretary:

Photo of McClellan

This is what the White House spokesman has said about Libby:
Oct. 7, 2003

Q. Scott, you have said that you personally went to Scooter Libby, Karl Rove and Elliott Abrams to ask them if they were the leakers. Is that what happened? Why did you do that? And can you describe the conversations you had with them? What was the question you asked?

McClellan: Unfortunately, in Washington, D.C., at a time like this there are a lot of rumors and innuendo. There are unsubstantiated accusations that are made. And that's exactly what happened in the case of these three individuals. They are good individuals. They are important members of our White House team. And that's why I spoke with them, so that I could come back to you and say that they were not involved. I had no doubt with that in the beginning, but I like to check my information to make sure it's accurate before I report back to you, and that's exactly what I did.
This is what all of these White House leakers need to do:

America deserves better!



Blogger Deb said...

They are "good individuals"....??????

aahahahahaaaaaa's all words. Say it and people listen. Say it often enough, and it is determined to be true.

Please, America, learn to think for yourself. Don't let these traitors put untruths in your head.

10:52 AM  

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