Friday, January 06, 2006

Go Away Pat Robertson!

Pat Robertson thinks Ariel Sharon's stroke was some sort of divine retribution for his political concessions in Israel.

He commented:
"Mr. Sharon "was dividing God's land, and I would say woe unto any prime minister of Israel who takes a similar course to appease" the European Union, the United Nations or the United States, Mr. Robertson said.
I never read that part of the Bible.

You know, the part that says you get a cerebrovascular accident when you are overweight and divide Israel.

Hey I wonder what Mr. Robertson thinks the miners were being punished for?

Or maybe Aunt Tilly who has diabetes. Or what about cerebral palsy, what are those people being punished for? Or everyone who gets cancer.

Or maybe has an auto accident.

Or those Americans who have died or lost limbs in Iraq? Hey wonder what they were doing?

Gosh, Mr. Robertson's God has been busy lately. The emergency rooms are busy with people with strokes, heart attacks, pneumonia, falls, burns and illness.

Hey Mr. Robertson....keep your hate to yourself.

My God doesn't hand out disease as punishment for your particular political agenda.

My God may have been behind the divine inspiration of man, but we are not angels. We are mortals. We suffer from diseases, diabetes, hypertension, and yes we have strokes.

So keep your meanness and nastiness to yourself. Go find yourself a place to hide and please don't pour out your vitriol on the American airways where people who suffer from diseases and afflictions for no necessary reason must add to their sufferings guilt and anger about a God that has punished them for no particular reason.

You represent what is wrong in America Mr. Robertson. You spread hate instead of love. Intolerance instead of understanding. And yes, even to the point of endorsing violence against your fellow man.



Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Blogger Dr. Laniac said...

When the time comes, it'll be mighty tempting to ask him about the reason for his stroke or heart attack or cancer, to see if he has some reason God decided to smite him.

2:25 PM  
Blogger Dr. Laniac said...

And here's part of what I had to say about Pat's latest bout of tourettes:


It's a standing complaint I make on a regular basis. These Christian right preachers can't manage to make it out of the old testament. It's all vengeful God, all the time. You'll seldom hear them advocating following a Christ-like stance of loving your enemies, caring for the poor, the sick, or the disposessed. They just skip those parts of the bible, because being the personal spokesman for God's judgement and vengence is so much more in line with their political agenda. That allows them to focus on personal morality issues and the reconstructionist idea that born-again Christians need to be in charge of the levers of power, while ignoring their proper role of advocating for the meek.

In fact, the underlying idea that pushed Robertson into this particular musing is a part of his apocalyptic millenarianism. The exception to the all-old-testament rule is using the book of Revelations to predict the coming of the end of the world. Robertson wants the world to end, so he's looking for a unified land of Israel and the rebuilding of the old testament temple that's viewed as a precondition for Armageddon. If more people understood this, there'd probably be a much stronger reaction to this particular brand of Christianity.

2:28 PM  
Blogger Marie said...

Robertson is an official nut case. Well said Bob!

I wonder if Robertson's comments will hurt or benefit his deal to build a Chrisitian Theme Park in Israel?

3:59 PM  

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