Wednesday, April 20, 2005

White House: "Trumped" by Democrats?

The White House is not happy with the Senate dragging its feet on the Bolton Nomination to be the Ambassador to the United Nations.

As reported today, White House Press Secretary Scott McClellan had this to say:
I think what you have are Democratic members of the committee who continue to bring up unsubstantiated accusations. These allegations are unfounded..."

Oh really?

What about the testimony of a former Assistant Secretary of State in your Administration, Carl Ford, Jr., who described Mr. Bolton as:
"a serial abuser" and "a quintessential kiss-up, kick-down sort of guy."
This conservative Republican testified that:
...a red-faced, finger-waving tirade that Bolton launched against a State Department biological weapons analyst who disagreed with him left the analyst in fear of losing his job and sent a chill through the State Department's intelligence branch. Ford said he fended off efforts by Bolton to dismiss the analyst and that the episode so concerned the department's analysts that then-Secretary of State Colin Powell made a visit to the intelligence shop to bolster morale.
This was not testimony of a Democrat. This was the testimony of a former Assistant Secretary of State in the President Bush Administration. A Republican.

America deserves better. America needs a President who believes in working with our allies and the United Nations and not belittling that Institution by sending a John Bolton to be our Ambassador. America needs a Press Secretary who doesn't attack politicians when one of their own Senators, Voinovich of Ohio, balks at going along with the game plan because of the profoundly disturbing testimony.

Thank you Senator Kerry for your work on our behalf! Keep up the good fight. We have your back.



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