Monday, April 11, 2005

Kerry Advocates Voting Reform

As we look to the "March of Democracy" overseas, we must not fail to ignore the problems of Democracy here at home.

Senator John Kerry is now beginning the fight for Electoral Reform in the United States. As he recently stated:
"Last year, too many people were denied their right to vote. ...too many people who tried to vote were intimidated," the Massachusetts Democrat said. "There is no magic wand. No one person is going to stand up and suddenly say it's going to change tomorrow. You have to do that."
As the article notes, John Kerry is doing something about this voting problem in America:
Earlier this year, Kerry joined Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, D-N.Y., in filing voting reform legislation. Their Count Every Vote Act would create a federal holiday for voting, require paper receipts for votes and authorize $500 million to help states upgrade voting systems and equipment.

Of course, Republicans have been quick to deny that there were any problems. As was noted:
"While President Bush and members of Congress are working to move our country forward, it's disappointing that some Democrats are focused on rehashing baseless allegations more than five months after the election," RNC spokeswoman Tracey Schmitt said.

But I am not here to argue about what happened in 2004. John Kerry is moving ahead with Election Reforms that should be embraced by both parties. Paper receipts after voting, extended hours for voters, and money to assist in the modernization of this process. ├ůmerica deserves no less. America deserves John Kerry for President in 2008.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

Isn't it fantastic how Republicans will laugh at the Constitution and the seperation of powers when it comes to protecting the "culture of life" but will claim that federalism prevents them from federally funding voting reforms?

Republicans know, when you count all the votes, Democrats win.

Keep up the good work; I'm getting closer to supporting Kerry in 2008. I bet you can convince me.


(Go Devils!)

8:42 AM  
Blogger BobsAdvice said... in DUKE "Blue Devils" I suppose :). They didn't quite make it to the finals did they? I think they would have gone all the way if they had Deng. Where is he now?

Anyhow, thanks for writing and reading! John Kerry will need to campaign in all of the states this time. Including North Carolina!


10:39 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not to turn this into a Basketball blog....

Luol Deng is playing for the Chicago Bulls; he had an okay season but got hurt and is done for the year.

What really hurth though was a recruit jumped right to the NBA. His name was Shaun Livingston and he's playing for the LA Clippers right now.

The NBA is considering imposing an age limit to prevent this kind of thing. While it would definitely help Duke, is it constitutional?

Can you really prevent someone from seeking employment based on age...

Would there be anti-trust issues...

I wonder what JK think? I bet he's all for it, Yale basketball sucks.


1:37 PM  

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