Sunday, March 27, 2005

Thoughts on Where America is Heading

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I don't even want to make it very long. Just a short note about restoring America to its rightful place in the world and restoring faith in America providing that beacon for everybody else who might live somewhere else.

America needs to come home to itself. Like a child that has ventured out into the "real world", we need to find our bearings once in awhile, find out who we are as a people, and what our place in history means to us today.

Speechwriters cheapen words like freedom, liberty, reform, democracy. But these are real terms about real things! Let us never forget that.

Patriotism is ever so important to us in America. But it is a love, not right or wrong, but a love of what America means in a far more important sense. America is about empathy. America is about feeling the pain of the impoverished and reaching out to them! America is about a freedom and respect of ideas that may or may not be identical to your own but represent instead a diversity of views that makes this Nation's politics so exciting.

We have gotten off course in America. We have a leadership that uses doublespeak in dealing with problems. Dismantling of Social Security is called Social Security "reform". Legislation called "Clean Air" is about relaxing pollution control. Even the creation of news is now accepted with video news releases that come fully equipped with fake newscasters.

I really don't know how to fix everything.

I am but one blogger.

But we need to see through the mirages of our government policy to understand the underlying policies and motivations of this Administration. And we need to start thinking about where we want to be going.

I believe John Kerry is the leader we need in these times. He may or may not be the nominee in 2008. But I know that changes are called for. That America must once again become the land of the possible, where education is available for all, nobody need go to bed hungry or homeless, where children have access to healthcare, and where government is not viewed as a necessary evil but as a tool for all of us to move society towards an America that will once again be admired worldwide. Admired for opportunity and justice, for freedom and equality. For working with all nations and not inserting ourselves blindly into the affairs of others.

Wishing you a wonderful Easter Holiday!



Anonymous Anonymous said...

i'm a feingold supporter so i'm naturally biased, but i voted for kerry in '04 so i think that brings me back to neutral.

john kerry had his chance. he ran a watered-down, mismanaged and poorly planned campaign.

time to move.

2:28 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


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Anonymous bobsadviceforstocks said...

Thanks for the comments!

I am a big fan of Russ Feingold as well. I think Kerry could have run his campaign better, but I still believe he would make the best President among those in the Democratic field.

If Russ gets the nod, I shall be campaigning for him as well! Good luck for 2008.


4:54 PM  
Blogger Marie said...

Hey Bob I loved that piece. We need to do that every once and a while to get ourselves focused. I voted for Kerry as you well know, he may or may not get the nod to run in 08, but I support his vision on health care and will continue to support it no matter what.

I admit I am in it to win in 08 and will be looking closely at all the candidates. I'm a bit of a centered Dem but I am also one loyal Dem. The message board is moving along well. Please stop in and add your 2 cents every once and a while. Plus I am hoping bloggers will find it a place to not only share a bit of news or whatever but a place where they can post a link to their blog with every post they make. Also added a reading room.....of course included your blog there! :)We don't have to be just one blogger we can be a united blogging front. Hey one vote at a time.

best wishes marie

5:36 PM  

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