Thursday, March 17, 2005

Kerry Speaks With Judy Woodruff

A great interview with a great American!

To the point on Social Security:
But what we're opposing by the administration's own admission does nothing, nothing -- understand that -- zero, to cure the problem of solvency.

Privatization is not related to solvency. And so what we're trying to do is stop something that requires borrowing $2 trillion or more, adding to the debt of our nation and putting Social Security at risk.
And on "values":
You know what the president's tax cut that he hasn't yet given to people to make it permanent costs over the next 10 years? $1.6 trillion. Just next year alone, the president's tax cut for people earning more than $1 million a year costs $32 billion.

So this is a value's choice. What are your values? What are the values of the American people?

Do we cover children with insurance who are not getting immunizations for diseases that we know we've cured, who don't get medicine for asthma? One out of three kids doesn't get medicine for asthma. Do we cover them or do we give millionaires a tax cut? That's the values choice for America.

And I know where I stand, and unfortunately we know where the president stands. He wants a tax cut for millionaires. I want to cover children.
Please read the rest of the CNN interview!

Thank you Senator Kerry! Your leadership is critical in these difficult times for America! Keep that door open for 2008! Millions of Americans are ready to watch your back!



Blogger Marie said...

That was a great interview. Kerry has continued to fight for the issues he and we supported during the campaign. I adminre him very much. Hope to see more of him in the news.


8:27 PM  

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