Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Wisconsin Required to Relax Mercury Pollution Controls by EPA!

It is not safe to eat too many fish in Wisconsin from local lakes and waterways due to mercury pollution.

As has been reported:
Mercury in water can accumulate in fish, and eating too much mercury-contaminated fish can damage kidneys and the nervous system.

Because of high mercury levels, all Wisconsin lakes are under a fish consumption advisory alerting people to limit the number of fish they eat, particularly children and women who are of childbearing age.
In June, 2003, the Wisconsin State Resources Board adopted regulations to reduce mercury emissions from the state's power plants:
...DNR's proposed mercury regulations, which would limit mercury emissions from coal-fired generating plants. We Energies of Milwaukee, Alliant Energy of Madison, Wisconsin Public Service of Green Bay and Dairyland Power would be required to cut mercury emissions by 40 percent in 2010 and 80 percent in 2015.
It was reported today:
A newly announced federal order to reduce mercury pollution from coal-burning power plants will require weakening more stringent state controls that were enacted in Wisconsin only last year, a state official says.

Being a Wisconsinite, I am disgusted about this turn of events. What the EPA has done is to force Wisconsin to allow MORE pollution than state regulations permitted. Things are getting WORSE for health for Wisconsin because of what the so-called Environmental Protection Agency is doing!

The article continues:
Wisconsin was among states that had gone on record against the Environmental Protection Agency's proposed federal rule.

"We provided comment," Eagan said. "Our rule would have required some control actually be put in place at the power plants by 2010. Our read so far is that the utilities would not really have to do anything in terms of having to put controls on until 2013 under the federal rule."
Thank you Mr. President! America needs to wake up and smell the mercury. It is time for an Administration in Washington that works to protect the environment and not protect the utility lobby! It is time for an Administration that loves the air, water and land of America. It is time for John Kerry, but we shall all have to wait for 2008! Keep that door open John! We have got your back.



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