Sunday, April 10, 2005

Social Security Campaign: Violation of Propaganda Laws?

Read this article about President Bush's Social Security campaign.

Visit the website put up by the President and his staff to advance the Social Security solutions they see as necessary. All paid for by tax dollars.

See the Map of the President's lobbying journey.

Read here about how three Americans were denied admission to President Bush's "discussion" even though they had valid tickets because of their bumper stickers on their cars. Also read here about how six of Colorado's nine Congressman have decried this blatant censorship of even participation of those who might disagree with the President. Read here to see what Press Secretary McClellan had to say at the White House News Conference.

Read here to see the actual law that is being broken. The anti-propaganda law that was written in 1913.

Read here about how this President has a record of using domestic propaganda to advance his political causes.

Read here about how the Treasury Department has hired three full time professionals to staff a "Social Security War-Room" to advance the President's agenda.

I think you probably get the idea.

These are very difficult times for America. We have elected a President who sells legislation like Philip Morris sells Cigarettes. But isn't that we should expect from a President who depends on a former cigarette lobbyist to determine national policy?

America deserves better. America needs a President who informs and does not use the office of the President to dispense Propaganda to Americans who are hungry for the truth.

This is a government that cancels a Social Security discussion about preserving this program at the FDR Site because it is "slanted" even though Republican Congressmen were invited to offer alternative views.

Senator Kerry, America needs your leadership. Help save Social Security and help save our Democracy!



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