Sunday, April 24, 2005

"Justice Sunday": Is there Justice in America?

For our Republican friends, Justice means getting their way.

Justice means have 100% of judicial nominees confirmed by the Senate even if you have only 55% of the vote.

Justice for them implies the "nuclear option", the elimination of filibustering by their Democrat counterparts.

Justice for Republicans means lifting the burden of the wealthy. Reducing their taxes and preventing the Government from taxing the multi-million dollar estates.

Justice for Republicans means making sure that their view of religion, Evangelical Christianity, is inserted into our schools, into our lives, and into our government. Justice for them means denying women the right to medication if the Pharmacist finds it is against his own religious framework to do so.

Justice for Republicans means limiting free speech. Penalizing newscasters and talk-show hosts who cross lines into areas that are uncomfortable for the Religious Right.

Justice for Republicans means suppressing scientific investigation. Denying the existence of Evolution because it conflicts with the Bible.

Justice for Republicans means yielding to Religious Right viewpoints that means advocating condom use in Africa should be prevented, because birth control in their view is immoral. Justice for Republicans results in the spread of HIV in Africa and the death and suffering of millions.

Justice for Republicans means holding back the Scientific investigation into disease treatments. Justice for Republicans holds the value of embryos frozen in liquid nitrogen ahead of the value of the cure to diseases that these embryos destined for the trash heap might just yield.

Justice for Republicans means ineffective abstinence education that results in kids having more sex and more unprotected sex than ever. Justice is not about education at all. Justice means punishing schools that are doing poorly by reducing their funding. Removing the support to the schools that need it the most. Leaving many children 'behind'.

Justice for Republicans means subverting our First Amendment Freedoms by publishing "video news releases", violating what the Inspector General states is propaganda laws designed to protect Americans from this abuse.

Justice for Republicans means whitewashing torture in Iraq, Afghanistan, and Guantanamo. About having the Army investigate itself and then blame it all on a Woman General.

Justice for Republicans means holding American citizens and foreigners without charges in Guantanamo in horrific conditions, with no known release date, no trial, and no attorneys.

Justice for Republicans means relaxing pollution laws, swapping mercury pollution "rights" back and forth, and appointing lobbyists to regulator positions.

Justice for Republicans means starting wars on false pretenses and then changing your rationale when your original reason is found meaningless.

Justice for Republicans means dropping out of International treaties on Justice, Global Warming, and Missile Proliferation.

Justice for Republicans means undermining Social Security, pitting young against old, and lying about how privatizing which removes funds from this program will help in its protection.

So nothing really surprised me today about "Justice Sunday". We know what Republicans think of Justice.

It is time for the Republicans in power to learn that America understands Justice better than they do! That America yearns for a Justice that protects the young, educates the ignorant, heals the sick, protects the environment, loves our neighbor, seeks to end war and not shock and awe, and support the cure of disease with the full force of our government supporting and not hindering scientific investigation.

John Kerry, Justice calls out to you! It will be Justice to have you elected in 2008! Keep up the good fight! We have your back.



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