Sunday, February 20, 2005

Keep on Coming Senator Kerry

The Los Angeles Times seemed surprised today that John Kerry wasn't just "fading away".

As they wrote:
Sen. Kerry goes against precedent, getting back in the political spotlight in a leadership role.

Senator John Kerry has not been sitting still. As they report:
Since losing in November, the Massachusetts Democrat has delivered a series of speeches on healthcare, electoral reform and military preparedness. He helped lead the unsuccessful opposition to Condoleezza Rice, President Bush's pick for secretary of State, and Alberto R. Gonzales, Bush's choice for attorney general.

Thank you Senator Kerry. All of those 59 million Americans are still looking for your leadership. The challenges facing America are large and they demand greatness in our leaders. You have what it takes to restore America to its proper place in the world.

We need a President who is honest with us and with our Allies. Who leads us into Peace and not into War. A President who loves the government and wants to keep it healthy. We have a President who hates government and is trying to starve the beast.

We don't need talk of Compassion from our leaders, we need Americans to lead this nation who care about those with the least powerful voice. Those who suffer from Poverty, unemployment, disadvantage due to their handicaps. We need a President who cares for our soldiers; who provides them with proper equipment and then doesn't forget them after they have fought, but instead cares and respects their service with the proper veteran benefits.

We need you John Kerry! America is calling upon you to leave that door open in 2008! Pull us all from the water!



Blogger Dex2177 said...

Interesting how both sides use "America" like they speak for all of it, isn't it? (Oh, what an instigator I am, lol.) I realize you'll vote Democrat anyway unless you're really suprising, but lets not forget that the current goon squad in the whitehouse will be moving on in 2008. You can't compare Kerry to Bush like he'll be running again. Although he's bright it will really depend who he's running against what sort of contrasts will be drawn. McCain for instance would neutralize the 'Kerry cares about our troops more than the opposition' argument.

1:47 PM  

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