Friday, February 18, 2005

Gannongate: The Daily Show

There is very little to say about the embarassing "Jeff Gannon" White House Press Pool story. This is once again another indictment of this Administration which manipulates the Press by hiring reporters, and now, supporting this Republican operative as reporter. Since we cannot always cry, we can thank Jon Stewart who on the Daily Show, summarized the situation the best way possible: with a humorous report. Enjoy!

Another video interview with "Jeff Gannon" with Anderson Cooper may be seen here.



Anonymous Marcus Nissen said...

George Bush won the election by putting fear and uncertainty in the back of the minds of americans, at a time of uncertainty.He exploited 9/11,the war,and people like my brother in the war. He was and still is selfish in his thinking, still unable to admit any mistakes made. We need someone who is willing to learn from history and not let arrogance neglect the responsibility of repeating it. If Kerry will run again, he will win.
God speed,
Marcus Nissen

9:03 PM  

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