Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Senator Kerry: "We've Got Your Back!"

Pamela Leavey was kind enough to post here reminding all of my readers to get on board the "Kids Come First Act" (S.114). The children of America have much to thank Senator Kerry for this effort on his part. We all need to get together and place our support behind John Kerry as he makes his push for this piece of legislation.

As Pamela wrote in her wonderful blog, Light up the Darkness:
John Kerry’s new Kids Come First Act (S.114) deserves our support. We have created an action alert on to make it easy for everyone to send a letter to their Senators urging them to Co-Sponsor the Kids Come First Act in the Senate.

We’re asking that other Blogs join in this effort as well, by posting a thread of support for the Kids Come First Act and linking to our Action Alert. Post a link to your thread in support of the Kids Come First Act here in the comments and we will add you to our list of Bloggers who have “Got John Kerry’s Back”!

To send a letter to your local Senators Click Here. You can copy my letter below and use it to send to your Senators, or write your own:

Dear Senator,

I am writing to ask you to co-sponsor Senate Bill S.114, the Kids Come First Act.

There is absolutely no reason why children in our country should be without healthcare coverage. Our children are the future of this country. As a Senator of the United States, it is your duty to stand up and help families who cannot afford healthcare coverage meet their parental obligation and responsibility to get their children insured. The Kids Come First Act will provide health insurance for every child in America.

With your support in the Senate of this Bill, you can do the right thing for the children of this country. I know that you are aware of the number of children in this country who have no healthcare coverage and the toll this takes on their parents and their parent’s employers. Ultimately, the Kids Come First Act will help the economy because healthy kids mean parents miss less work.

President Bush has expressed that he looks forward to bridging the gap between the political parties in our country. By co-sponsoring this Bill, you can begin that effort, today. America’s children should not suffer due to partisan politics. Please co-sponsor Senate Bill S.114.

Urge Your Senators to Co-Sponsor the Kids Come First Act

Thank you Pamela for being a responsible and dedicated blogger for John Kerry! And for all of my readers, please join in with Senator Kerry, write your own Senators, sign his "co-sponsor petition" and give Senator Kerry a hand.

We have all got your back John!



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