Wednesday, January 26, 2005

Kerry Champions Children: Leaves "Door Open" for 2008

An article today explained Senator Kerry's current priorities:
"You talk about family values, you talk about the moral fiber of our nation, I think it's inexcusable that millions of children are outside the system" with no health insurance, said Kerry. "I'll bring them in."

Thank you Senator Kerry! You speak for the children. The smallest among us with the least influence in our Society.

What about 2008? Kerry had this to say:
"I've said publicly I'm not closing any doors. I'm not going to open any doors," Kerry said. "It is way too early."

"I think we came phenomenally close (in 2004). I'm very proud of the race that we ran under difficult circumstances," Kerry said, citing in particular the war in Iraq.

Kerry added, "We'll see where we stand in the future. Period

Thank you Senator Kerry. 2008 is four years away. There is a lot of work to do in the Senate. There is a lot of work for America. And whoever is President in 2008 will have more work as we strive to put America back on the path it has always been on. We need a President who works to support Social Security, not tear it down. We need a President who bridges the gaps between the haves and the have-nots, not one who pads the wallets of the wealthy. We need a President who loves the land, air and water of this nation, who loves our national parks and the freedom we all cherish.

America needs you John Kerry. Leave that door open for the 55 million who want to walk through it with you at the helm.



Blogger Pamela Leavey said...

We’ve Got Your Back John Kerry!
26 January 2005

John Kerry’s new Kids Come First Act (S.114) deserves our support. We have created an action alert on to make it easy for everyone to send a letter to their Senators urging them to Co-Sponsor the Kids Come First Act in the Senate.

We’re asking that other Blogs join in this effort as well, by posting a thread of support for the Kids Come First Act and linking to our Action Alert. Post a link to your thread in support of the Kids Come First Act here in the comments and we will add you to our list of Bloggers who have “Got John Kerry’s Back”!

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