Friday, January 07, 2005

"Returning the Favor" A link to a right-wing blog.

I am always delighted to receive a link from a fellow blogger. Even from a right-wing blog! As they wrote: "These people need to be encouraged. With enemies like these, who needs friends."

Thank you for your kind words. Especially for your nice words about John Kerry on your site.

I am glad you are thinking about John Kerry. We are too. I would be worried if I were you about him running in 2008. He doesn't quit. Got him the medals in Vietnam. Doesn't give up and won't fade away.

You see, politics is more than your flippant rant. Politics is all about helping people.

It is not about what government can do for you. It is about what we can do for America through our government.
It is not about making government the size so small you can drown it in a bathtub. It is not about giving no bid contracts to your friends for billions of dollars. It is not about waging war on other countries so you can "spread democracy" or "find WMD's".

It is about all of us living togeether, respecting each other, and improving our quality of life.

I hope you figure it out.



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