Thursday, January 06, 2005

therawstory: "Let the battle for America begin now"

I cannot always be clever. In fact my son has told me more than once to "give it up dad". He thinks there are lots of clever political writers out there. And there are.

I came across a wonderful piece that deserves reading on "therawstory". Avery Walker writes:
During the campaign, Bush ran ads attacking Kerry for taking “millions from special interests”. (Dick Cheney’s favorite website,) was quick to point out that Bush took far more money from the same sources he accused Kerry of being beholden to. But it goes beyond just the evil of soiled money—an investment in Bush will pay off for even the most wicked of companies.

Power companies gave Republicans $13 million in 2000; Bush relaxed environmental regulations so much that some projected their savings to be in the billions. And, no, this has not given the consumer a price break.

Bush received about $3.5 million from pharmaceutical companies for his 2000 election campaign and inauguration. The industry has been allowed to control life-saving drugs like a diamond cartel, costing millions of lives in third world countries and untold human suffering, while simultaneously making billions selling drugs that they knew killed thousands of Americans.

The chemical industry gave Bush half a million dollars in 2000. Even though the military projects that a chemical plant attack is second only to biological warfare in terms of potential lives lost, Bush and the Republican-controlled Congress refuse to secure the open-door plants. And, to make sure nobody knows how close they are to just such a facility, post-9/11 legislation has made that previously public information classified. Frankly, Bush’s willingness to forsake human life for special interest money is beyond nauseating, and those are just the tip of the melting iceberg. Democrats, who expanded their private donor base from 400,000 to 2.7 million individuals in the 2004 Presidential Election, are in a great place to attack special interest politics.

Mr. Walker is right on the money. The election is over, let the election begin. Thus we are once again in a campaign for Congress and the Presidency.

Was Kerry wrong not to join with Barbara Boxer today and contest the Ohio votes. I don't think it was his job to challenge the votes. He would be seen as a "poor loser". And the results wouldn't be any different.

Mr. Kerry's job is to run and be the President. It is up to all of us to do the work of making sure the election is legitimate, that he has the support he needs to get into the White House. And above all, to campaign in all fifty states. Especially in the South where the African-American voters are heavily represented. They supported you Mr. Kerry and they need to see you campaigning and working to earn their support once more!



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