Monday, February 05, 2007

Still Supporting Senator Kerry!

I read a particularly moving article in the New York Times today. About Senator John Kerry.

In case there is any question about where this blogger and others still stand that now he has announced he is not seeking the Presidency in 2008, I still stand with Senator Kerry!

I may not be regularly blogging here, but I shall write from time to time about the junior Senator from the great State of Massachusetts.

Senator Kerry has fought for this country in the waters of Vietnam and the waters of the United States Senate. And he is continuing that fight. He is working at Set a Deadline to do exactly that. Set a Deadline to end our involvement in the mistake that is Iraq.

It is time to stop sending Americans to die for another Mistake.

This is not about a President Kerry. This is about a brave Senator from Massachusetts who works hard for what he believes, who has been able to see the United States as others see us and is unwilling to hide under the false veneer of 'my country right or wrong', but rather who believes in my country if right and if wrong make it right.

Keep on coming Senator! We continue to have your back!



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