Monday, December 27, 2004

Independents for Kerry (IFK)

It is certainly early for 2008 but we are up and going. I wanted to encourage you all to visit a wonderful blog I have come across from a fellow Wisconsinite (is THAT good English?), Independents for Kerry (IFK). Jim Witkins is a superb writer and clearly presents the case for John Kerry!

When I started this blog, I thought there weren't too many fellow bloggers out there writing for Kerry. I am greatly relieved that there are other voices of reason in the "blogosphere" working to encourage Kerry and to help America realize that if Kerry was the right candidate in 2004, they should think about 2008 in earnest.

I believe it was Abraham Lincoln who was a Senator who failed in HIS first attempt. What would America had been like if everyone said we need to find someone other than a Senator from Illinois?

I hope everyone has a wonderful 2005 that is full of good health, optimism, and determination!



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