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Kerry Remembers our Soldiers on Memorial Day 2005!

American soldiers make the ultimate sacrifice for this country.

One of a few Pentagon photos released in April 2004

Senator John Kerry paid tribute to these brave Americans this weekend as we celebrate Memorial Day:
“Memorial Day is a day of mixed emotions: sorrow for the families whose sons and daughters have given their lives for our country, coupled with universal pride in the great Americans who for generations and particularly today teach us the full meaning of service and sacrifice. The courage and bravery of our young men and women fighting overseas continues to inspire all of us, and indeed inspire the free world and those yearning for freedom.

“America’s fallen soldiers shouldered a responsibility greater than any of us will ever know. Their families, their units, and their nation depended on them, and they answered the call of duty with selflessness and devotion. Our soldiers did not shirk from this responsibility, and all the uncertainty, danger and honor that came with it. Their families remember them as special sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, husbands and wives, and cherished friends. Their nation remembers them as special citizens. Grown men will touch their names etched on granite walls and will today weep for fallen comrades who gave their lives so that others can live.

“In this time of war, and in memory of our fallen heroes, we must be mindful to do everything in our power to keep our troops safe as they keep us safe. We must do better to take care of their families, who sacrifice in ways too many count.

“While we can never repay our nation’s debt to families who have made the ultimate sacrifice, we must always remember the legacy of their fallen sons and daughters: a safer and freer world. On this Memorial Day, I believe it appropriate to take a small step in that direction by recognizing in the record those exceptional individuals from Massachusetts who this year gave their lives, and earned the eternal gratitude of the American people:

Arredondo, Alexander S., Lance Corporal, USMC, 25-Aug-2004 - Randolph, MA Connolly, David, S., Major, USA, 6-Apr-2005 - Boston, MA Cunningham, Darren J., Staff Sergeant, USA, 30-Sep-2004 - Groton, MA Depew, Cory R., Private, USA, 04-Jan-2005 - Haverhill, MA Desiato, Travis R. Lance Corporal, USMC, 15-Nov-2004 - Bedford, MA Farrar Jr., Andrew K., Sergeant, USMC, 28-Jan-2005 - Weymouth, MA Fontecchio, Elia P., Gunnery Sergeant, USMC, 04-Aug-2004 - Milford, MA Fuller, Travis J., 1st Lieutenant, USMC, 26-Jan-2005 - Granville, MA Gavriel, Dimitrios, Lance Corporal, USMC, 18-Nov-2004 - Haverhill, MA Johnson, Markus J., Private, USA, 1st Class 01-Jun-2004 - Springfield, MA Lusk, Joe F. II, Captain, USA, 21-Jan-2005 - Framingham, MA Moore, James M., Colonel, USA, 29-November-2004 - Peabody, MA Oliveira, Brian, Corporal, USMC, 25-Oct-2004 - Raynham, MA Ouellette, Brian J., Petty Officer, 1st Class, USN, 29-May-2004 - Needham, MA Palacios, Gabriel T., Specialist, USA, 21-Jan-2004 - Lynn, MA Schamberg, Kurt D. Sergeant, USA, 20-May-2005 - Melrose, MA Sullivan, Christopher J., Captain, USA, 18-Jan-2005 - Princeton, MA Vangyzen IV, John J. Lance Corporal, USMC, 05-Jul-2004 - Bristol, MA Zabierek, Andrew J., Lance Corporal, USMC, 21-May-2004 - Chelmsford, MA.”

Photo of President Bush

President Bush used his weekly radio address to honor the nation's war dead on Memorial Day:
"Throughout our history, America has fought not to conquer but to liberate," Bush said. "We go to war reluctantly, because we understand the high cost of war. Those who have given their lives to defend America have the respect and gratitude of our entire nation."
But President Bush has not always acted to respect and show gratitude to America's veterans.

As reported:
President Bush's budget would more than double the co-payment charged to many veterans for prescription drugs and would require some to pay a new fee of $250 a year for the privilege of using government health care, administration officials said Sunday.
America needs a President who supports our soldiers and veterans when they return and not one who just rallies around war! America deserves better! Keep that door open to 2008 Senator Kerry! America could use a real veteran who understands the sacrifice that each soldier makes in wartime!



Anonymous Hwotzai said...

Wow. I just found this blog, and I am amazed that you would even think of Kerry as a presidential candidate for 2008. A few reasons:
1. The next three years will be very busy years, including the withdrawal from Iraq, maybe a confrontation with North Korea or Iran, and most likely some tension with the EU, now that France voted out. After that, people will realize that republicans can get things done.
2. There are much better candidates out there for the Democratic Party. If Kerry lost in 2004, he's going to lose in 2008, because the public realizes how many times he "flip-flopped".
3. The republican party is still working hard on amending the constitution to allow foreign-born citizens to run....

10:59 PM  
Blogger BobsAdvice said...


Thanks for visiting!

I am amazed that you are amazed.

1. You describe the Orwellian "perpetual war". People will realize that Republicans can get things done? Do you mean that they are able to get us involved in Iraq, when the WMD's were "fixed" as they said in Britain, to create the need for intervention?

2. Better candidates out there for the Democrats? Perhaps. I am quite content with Kerry. Flip-flop? Americans have more important issues to contend with than the suggestion that a leader is able to change his mind. I hope that they shall be able to learn that this President has been unable to change course even when heading in the wrong direction.

3. Foreign-born citizens? You like Arnold? You believe that the Republicans are going to elect a Pro-choice, Stem-cell supporting candidate? Come on. Who are you kidding. More likely that Arnold and Maria are going to both join the Democrat Party.

Again, thanks for dropping by. Stay amazed. Maybe you will even read a few of the entries :).


6:41 AM  
Blogger Marie said...


You're right, there are many great Democrats who may run in 08..........Clinton, Warner, Bayh, Biden and Kerry. Bush has done us Dems a favor. He's unified us. One for all and all for one! It's hard to predict the future but I'd say Kerry is definately in the running.

11:13 PM  
Blogger Marie said...

Bob join us at the Big Brass Alliance.

We organizing to bring more attention to The Downing Street Memo. Kerry will bring it up on Monday in the Senate.

best wishes marie

9:35 PM  
Anonymous BobsAdvice said...

Thanks Marie.

It is very easy to get discouraged. Fixing facts? How do we fix facts? How do we rewrite history? How Orwellian are we going to get?


3:39 PM  

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