Saturday, February 05, 2005

America's Seniors are not Cowards

Mary Pitt has it right when she defends America's Seniors from criticism that they are afraid of losing their benefits and that is why they defend the current program. As Mary Pitts, writing in the Democratic states:
They know that there is still almost two trillion dollars in the "trust fund" in Treasury bonds that can be used to continue the benefits far into the future. They know that the national debt has been allowed to grow so large that it will be inconvenient for these bonds to be redeemed. And they also know that defaulting on the debt which these bonds represent is tantamount to declaring national bankruptcy. Let's see them try that with China, our major national creditor! They are not at all likely to accept the excuse that there is no money to pay because American millionaires needed tax cuts.

This generation fought so that the next generation would not have to fight another war. They may have not succeeded to end all wars, but they have always been concerned about the next generation.

Pitt writes:
No, the concerns of the senior citizens of America are not for themselves. Their thoughts have always been concentrated on the welfare of those who come after them. They have walked through the fire and survived. They have saved the world for democracy. They are empowered and they know it, and their energies are channeled toward leaving our country and the world a better place.

However, the President had best beware. This generation of seniors votes, they are politically active, and they are not afraid to assert their wishes.

Pitt concludes:
It would behoove the President and the Congress to pay attention to their protests. They do vote, more reliably than any other component of the electorate and are quite ready, willing, and able to offer tickets home for any elected representative that dares threaten their families and the American way of life.

If this effort to destroy the most stable and effective program of the governmental system in our history continues, a regime change could be taking place in Washington, beginning with the next election.

And what has Senator Kerry have to say about this? Last week, Kerry responded:
The truth is, we don't have a Social Security crisis in America," Kerry said before President George W. Bush addressed the nation. "Instead of trying to tear down Social Security, Americans deserve an honest dialogue. So far all they're getting is a government-financed PR campaign against Social Security and a privatization gambit that will get us nothing but more debt and lower benefits."

Senator Kerry, our Nation is calling on you to Leave that Door Open! America can do better and Senator Kerry, over 55 million Americans want to walk through that door to a better tomorrow with you at the helm!



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